Gristmill What’s It


From 2024 Issues

What’s Its From the March 2024 Issue

195-1  This device is a Bizline cable cutter:
195-2  This tool is a leather belt punch, according to the patent:

“The nature of this invention relates to improvements in punches for punching the holes in belts for lacing them together, and for punching other articles.”

Patent number 81717
195-3  This item is an antique brake shoe:
195-4  A vintage saw set:

194-1 A cotton sampler, for pulling out a sample from a bale of cotton.

194-2  These are Stanley No.6 Machinists Adjustable Trammel Points, they came with a roller marker and four special curved points for use as outside or inside calipers.

194-3  A quack medical device, in use the ball was squeezed to produce puffs of air which were meant to gently massage the eyes. The metal parts are original but the rubber ball has been replaced with a new one.

194-4  This is a birthing tool for use on a farm.