Help Promote the M-WTCA

There are many ways that you can help promote the M-wtca and help us grow!

Selling Online

If you are selling online, you can mention M-WTCA. PLEASE NOTE! We believe eBay has a policy against promoting something such as M-WTCA in their listings and if another eBayer complains, eBay will remove your listing. We do not want this to cause a problem with your eBay selling, so we are no longer asking you to put the link in your listings. If you have an eBay store, promoting M-WTCA there is fine so please be sure you post a link to our website. If you are using another site, please check their policies before posting. And include a M-WTCA Trifold Brochure or Membership Application with all shipments.

Here is some sample wording in case you need it: Are you interested in collecting and using antique and traditional wood working tools? Want to learn more about tools, and meet some great people who have the same interests? Then please take a minute to check out the Mid-West Tool Collectors Web Site at this link:


Out and About on the Internet

As you visit websites that might be visited by others that share our interests such as woodworking, crafts, metalworking, etc., mention M-WTCA in anything you post including a link to our website.

If you have a website or upload videos to YouTube, please put a link on your page and include a trailer at the end of the video with information on M-WTCA!

Social media is another way to help promote M-WTCA. Feel free to include a link to our website in your posts.


Demonstrating and Displaying

Demonstrating or displaying at historic sites and heritage festivals not only helps those locations and events but is a lot of fun and an opportunity to meet others that share our interests. Take a copy of The Gristmill with you to show others what they get from their membership and have a copy of the membership application handy.

Putting on programs at woodworking clubs and similar meetings is a great way to promote M-WTCA. Have applications handy and take a copy of The Gristmill to show them.


At Flea Markets, Tractor and Antique Shows

As you are out and about hunting up tools and related items, be aware of others that might be looking at what you are looking at. That is a great time to strike up a conversation as they likely have interests similar to yours. Share with them the benefits of becoming a member. Have a Membership Application or Tri-fold Brochure or better yet have a copy of The Gristmill around that you can share.


For questions, please feel free to contact our VP of membership!

Thank You for Your Continue Support of M-WTCA!