Authors Corner

Information is very important whether you collect, use or just appreciate antique and traditional tools. Additionally, learning about how the tools were used and in what industries brings still another perspective.

Even in todays’ world of computers and smart phones, sitting with a book or other publication in an easy chair and relaxing after a long day is a pleasant way to spend some time and learn more about areas we have an interest in. From The Gristmill, our quarterly publication to one of the books written by a member of M-WTCA, you can’t go wrong.

The Astragal Press is a company that specializes in books on antique tools, early trades and early technology. They have an ever increasing number of publications. Many of the books listed below can be found there as well as through Internet searches.


Books and Publications Produced by the Membership of M-WTCA

Listed in alphabetical order by Author


Bachellar, Jr., Milton H.

American Marking Gages Patented & Manufactured, 445pp


Blackburn, Graham

Traditional Woodworking Handtools, A Manual for the Woodworker, A guide for the Enthusiast, 364 pp

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of woodworking Handtools Instruments and Devices, 570pp


Blanchard, Clarence

Antique Trade Tools Price Guide, 302 pp

Cleaning Antique Tools, 15 pp

The Stanley Little Big Book 2006, 292 pp

The Stanley Little Big Book 2007 – 2008, 230 pp

Warman’s Tools Field Guide, 512 pp

See also Larson, Lars and Blanchard, Clarence below


Butler, Carroll

Treasures of the Longleaf Pines Naval Stores, 374pp


Comerford, III, Daniel J. , wl Baird, Ron;

The Hammer, the King of Tools, 352pp


Cope, Kenneth

American Wrench Makers, 290pp

Collectable Tools, Tool Ads, 117pp

Makers of American Machinist Tools, 320

More Makers of American Machinist tools, 165 pp

Kitchen Collectables, An Identification Guide, 208pp

American Foot Power and Hand Power Machinery, 135pp

American Lathe Builders; 1810-1910, 204pp

Index of US Tool Patents 1790-1873 , 96pp (OP)

American Cooperage Machinery and Tools, 213 pp

American Machinist’s Tools: An Illustrated Directory of Patents, 424 pp

Carriage & Wagon Makers Machinery & Tools, 200 pp

American Steam Engine Builders 1800-1900, 280 pp

American Milling Machine Builders 1820-1920, 200 pp

American Planer, Shaper & Slotter Builders, 208 pp

D’Elia, Andrew 

American Wood & Metal Planes From the collection of the D’Elia Tool Museum, 342pp


Devitt, Jack 

Indiana Toolmakers & Their Tools, 410pp

Ohio Toolmakers & Their Tools, 388pp


Eaton, Reg 

The Ultimate Brace, 180pp


Fredrich, Raymond P. 

Nail Pullers with Patent Reference, 419pp


Friberg, Todd L.

American Patented Saw Sets, 306pp


Grismer, Jerome T. Kendrick, Clyde H. 

Embossed American Axes, A Photographic Guide, 177pp


Hanley, Michael 

Motorcycles, Planes, & Revolution, 100pp


Heckel, David E. 

Sargent Planes Identification and Value Guide 2nd Edition, 104pp

The Stanley “Forty-Five” Combination Plane, 136pp


Herrli, Tod 

Classic Plane Making Hollows and Rounds, 90 minute dvd


Heuring , Jerry & Elaine 

Collector’s guide to E. C. Simmons KEEN KUTTER Cutlery and Tools, 192pp


Kean, Herbert P. w/ E. Pollak; 

Collecting Antique Tools, 122pp


Kean, Herbert P.

Price Guide To Antique Tools, 3rd Ed., ?pp

Restoring Woodworking Tolls, 122pp


Lamond, Thomas C. 

Manufactured and Patented Spokeshaves & Similar Tools, 452pp


Larson, Lars and Blanchard, Clarence 

Patented American Planes for Wood, Leather and the Allied Trades, 1795-1934, Vol. 1 1795 to 1875, 192pp;

Vol. 2 1876 to 1900, 225pp;

Vol. 3 1900 to 1934, 225pp


Leach, Patrick 

Stanley Planes by the Numbers, 90 minute video


McConnell, Don

Traditional Molding Techniques: Cornice Moldings,71 min. dvd

Traditional Molding Techniques: The Basics,80 minute dvd

See also Schaffer, Erwin L. and McConnell, Don below


Moffet, Jim 

The Hand Held Corn Sheller &, 300pp


Moody, John 

The American Cabinetmaker’s Plow Plane, 248pp (OP)


Pearson, Ronald W. 

The American Patented Brace, 1829-1924: An Illustrated Directory of Patents, 185pp


Pollack, Emil & Martyl 

Makers of American Wooden Planes 4th Edition , 477pp


Price, James

Sourcebook of United States Patents For Bitstock Tools and The Machines That Made Them, 174pp


Prine, Jr., Charles 

Planemakers of Western Pennsylvania and Environs, 118pp


Rathbone, P.T. 

History of Oldtime Farm Implement Companies and the Wrenches They Issued, 520pp


Rees, Jane & Mark 

Tools, A Guide For Collectors, 256pp


Rees, Jane & Mark – and Others

The Tool Chest of Benjamin Seaton, 72pp


Roberts, Kenneth

Wooden Planes In 19th Century America, Vol. 1, 314pp (OP)

Wooden Planes In 19th Century America, Vol. 2, 452pp

Some 19th Century English Woodworking Tools, 482pp

Tools For the Trades & Crafts, 22pp


Roberts, Kenneth D. & Jane W.

Planemakers and Other Edge Tool Enterprises in New York State in the 19th Century, 230pp


Rosebrook, Donald 

American Level Patents Illustrated and Explained, Vo. 1, New England, 256pp

American Levels and Their Makers, Vol. 1, New England, 318pp


Rumpf, John 

Plane Makers of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania: Jacob Siegley, Edwin Hahn, Keystone Tool Works. , 121 pp


Schaffer, Erwin L. 

Hand-Saw Makers of North America, 163pp


Schaffer, Erwin L. and McConnell, Don 

Hand-Saw Makers of Britain, 105pp


Schwarz, Christopher

The Art of Joinery. By Joseph Moxon with commentary by M-WTCA member Christopher Schwarz, 93pp

Workbenches: From Design & Theory to Construction & Use , 144pp

Handplane Essentials, 312pp

Forgotten Hand Tools ,87 minute dvd

Coarse, Medium and Fine: Fundamental Woodworking Techniques ,65 minute dvd

Building Furniture with Hand Planes ,60 minute dvd

Handscraper: Understanding, Preparing and Using the Ultimate Finishing Tool ,30 minute dvd

The Workbench: How to Design or Modify a Bench for Efficient Use ,40 minute dvd


Sellens, Alvin

The Stanley Plane, 216pp (OP)

Stanley Folding Rules, 169pp (OP)

Woodworking Planes, 232pp (OP)

Dictionary of American Hand Tools, 546pp

Keen Kutter & Simmons Padlocks Guide, 59pp (OP)

Keen Kutter Pocket Knives, 224pp

Keen Kutter Planes, 160pp


Smith, Roger K. 

Patented & Transitional American Planes, Vol. 1, 336pp (OP)

Patented & Transitional American Planes, Vol. 2, 396pp

Index & Location Guide for Cope’s Directory of Machinist Tool Patents, 27pp


Stanley, Phillip E. 

Boxwood & Ivory Stanley Traditional Rules 1855-1975, 188pp

Searching for 18th and 19th Century Patents on the Patent Office Web Site, 113pp

A Source Book for Rule Collectors, 361pp


Underhill, Roy 

The Woodwright’s Shop, 202pp

The Woodwright’s Companion, 203pp

The Woodwright’s Workbook, 248 pp

The Woodwright’s Eclectic Workshop, 238pp

The Woodwright’s Apprentice, 196 pp

The Woodwright’s Guide, 182pp


Van Pernis, Paul & Wells, John,  

Leonard Bailey and His Woodworking Planes, 236pp


Walter, John 

Antique & Collectable Stanley Tools, Guide to Identity and Value, 882pp


Wanamaker, George 

Stanley Tape Measures, the First 40 Years, pp


Ward, Joe 

North Brother’s Manufacturing Company Product Guide, Yankee, 231pp


Whelan, John M. 

The Wooden Plane, 509pp

Making Traditional Wooden Planes, 128pp


White, Ronald & Virginia 

A Researcher’s Guide to Patents and Dates, 216pp


Williams, Donald C. 

Virtuoso: The Tool Cabinet and Workbench of Henry O. Studley, 216pp


Williams, Larry 

Making Traditional Side Escapement Planes, dvd 180 minutes