What’s It

A What’s It Session at a National Meeting

What’s It is an abbreviation for “What is this thing and what might it be used for?” It also is a long-standing practice where members bring items in question to meetings or submit pictures and other members—led by a team of dedicated “detectives”— pool their knowledge, intuition and experience to, in most cases, determine what the item is and what it was used for.

We encourage all members to attend our semi-annual meetings where a lively What’s It session is a regular part of the activities. Bring an item or just attend and take part in or observe all the back-and-forth discussions about the items.

If you see an unidentified item listed here that you have information on or can identify or if you have a tool-related item you cannot identify, please contact the What’s It committee chair.

As a part of our practice to share information with others, M-WTCA has preserved much of what has been learned here on our website which can be seen by following the links below.

If you have a what’s it you would like to submit or have an answer about an existing what’s it please use the form below.

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