Special Publications

One of our many benefits of belonging!!

In 1977, Bill Rigler, then president of M-WTCA established a permanent special Publications committee whose job it was to select for reprinting, scarce vintage books or manufacturer/distributor catalogs of tools. Since that time, each year the committee selects one publication for reprinting, which is then delivered to our members, free, to help in their pursuit of information on tools. The value of these publications alone is enough to defray the cost of becoming a member in M-WTCA. Check out our list of previously reprinted material below to see what you have been missing! These publications are not available for sale nor are extra copies archived for future distribution, we only print enough copies to satisfy our existing membership. Become a member to receive future reprints.


We are currently accepting books, booklets and catalogs for future consideration. To submit a book or catalog for reprinting, contact us here.

If it is something we haven’t done in the past, and it is something we think would benefit the majority of our membership, we will have you mail the the book or booklet to us. All books will be returned to those submitting them whether or not they are reprinted.

A sample listing of past reprints in ascending order follows:

1. 1975 – Collins & Co. Axes, Hatchets, Adzes, Etc, Etc. 1921 catalog 29 pages long Reprinted jointly M-WTCA and Early Trades/Craft Society of Long Island for in March of 1975

2. 1976 – C. S. Osborne and Co. Newark, New Jersey c 1890. 64 pages. Leather working tools Reprinted Jointly M-WTCA – EAIA and Early Trades/Crafts Society of Long Island”

3. 1977 – Goodnow and Wightman Tool Catalog c 1882. 112 pages. Broad range tool catalog. Reprinted Jointly M-WTCA and Early Trades/Craft Society of Long Island.

4. 1977 – Files by Jack Gorlin 16 pages in length Reprinted jointly M-WTCA and Early Trades & Craft Society of Long Island in February of 1997

5. 1977 – I. B. Farringtons catalog on Ornamental Design for Scroll sawing and all kind s of Scroll saw machines c 1879. 16 pages Reprinted Jointly M-WTCA and Early Trades/Crafts of Long Island.

6. 1977 – Lang and Jocobs catalog and price list c 1884. 24 pages. Coopers tools and truss hoops a specialty. Reprinted jointly M-WTCA and Early Trades/Crafts society of Long Island.

7. April 1978 The Saw in History, Henry Disston and Sons Ninth Edition 1926. 64 pages. Gives a lot of data on various saws. Reprinted Jointly M-WTCA and EAIA.

8. Feb. 1978 W. F. & John Barnes Co. Rockford Illinois USA Catalog 67 May 1st, 1907. 40 pages. Patented foot and hand powered wood working machinery. Reprinted M-WTCA

9. 1978 The Sandusky Tool Company catalog No 25 printed September 1, 1925 and was the last hurrah of the company before they folded. Ken Robert’s printed 750 copies for M- WTCA to distribute to their membership in early 1978.

10. September 1978 Tools for all Trades, Hammacher, Schlemmer and Co. – dated 1896. 404 pages. A complete listing of the items they sold in 1896. Reprinted Jointly M-WTCA and EAIA

11. September 1978 Tools used in Building Log Houses in Indiana, By Dr. Warren E. Roberts in 1978. 12 pages. Treatise on the tools used in constructing log houses. Originally published in the July 1977 issue of Pioneer America. Reprinted Jointly MWTCA and EAIA

12. February 1979 William Marples and Sons 1909 Price list. 274 pages. Complete listing of their tools in 1909. Reprinted Jointly M-WTCA, EAIA and Arnold & Walker

13. October 1979 Wood Workers Tools by Chas A Strelinger; Co. c 1897. 1000 pages. Excellent books on tools listed. Tells what is good and bad about the tools. Excellent reference book. Reprinted MWTCA

14. April 1980 Joh. Weiss && Sohn Austrian Catalog c 1909. 100 pages. Seth Burchard Translates this catalog into English. Excellent reference book. Reprinted Jointly M-WTCA & EAIA

15. October 1980 Wm Marples and Sons Ltd. 1909 Catalog exclusively on American tools and hardware. 60 Pages. Reprinted Jointly M-WTCA and Ken Roberts

16. June 1980 Hirth and Kause Leather and Findings Catalog 1890. 76 pages. All about shoe store supplies Reprinted Jointly M-WTCA & EAIA

17. 1980 Hynson Tool and Supply Company annual catalogue 52 1903 they were a Coopers tool distributor excellent reference. Reprinted jointly M-WTCA and EAIA in April of 1980

18. February 1981 Folding Sawing Machine, Fall and Winter of 1896-7. 24 pages. Great book on a hard to find tool. Reprinted M-WTCA

19. July 1981 At the Royal Forge, French catalog c 1927 – 1930. 100 pages. Covers French style tools, again translated by Seth Burchard. Interesting insight to French manufactured tools. Reprinted Jointly M-WTCA & EAIA

20. March 1981 “55” Plane and How to use it c 1921. 24 pages. The instruction book for the Stanley 55 combination plane. Reprinted M-WTCA.

21. March 1981 The America Axe and Tool Co. c 1894. 136 pages. A pictorial review of their axes and hatchets. Reprinted M-WTCA & EAIA

22. October 1981 Disposing of A Tool Collection by Ivan C. Risley. Reprinted Jointly M-WTCA & EAIA

23. May 1982 D. Stolp Dutch Catalog c 1915. 50 pages. This covers the tool section of a large catalog. Again translated by Seth Burchard. Reprinted Jointly M-WTCA & EAIA

24. November 1982 W.F. & John Barnes & Co. Catalog No. 59 8-1-1903. 32 pages. Barnes line of foot powered metal lathes and accessories. Reprinted M-WTCA

25. June 1983 Diston Handbook on Saws c 1910. 208 pages. Excellent. Reference on saws and their manufacture. Reprint M-WTCA

26. March 1983 WM P. Walters Sons Tool Chests and Scroll Saws catalog c 1890. 32 pages. Neat Fret work for sale. Reprinted M-WTCA

27. November 1983 United Hardware && Tool Corp. Manufactures, distributors and importers of tools Catalog #40 c 1925. 80 pages. Features Columbia wood tools and Fulton Iron Planes. Reprinted M-WTCA

28. June 1984 Tools, Machinery, Blacksmith Supplies by Sears Roebuck & Co. c 1910. 148 pages. One of the most complete supply catalogs on blacksmithing. We made a special printing for the Blacksmith group. Reprinted M-WTCA

29. September 1984 E. C. Simmons Keen Kutter Cutlery and Tools catalog c 1930. 242 pages. Great reference catalog. Reprinted M-WTCA
30. May 1985 Hoole Machine && Engraving Works. Catalog #79. c 1911. 46 pages. Bookbinding Tools. Reprinted M-WTCA ”

31. September 1985 C. E. Jenning && Co. Price list catalog #13 c 1913. 176 pages. E. C. Jennings arrowhead tools, augers, saws, and tool Boxes. Reprinted M-WTCA

32. April 1986 Thomas Napiem The Scottish Connection by Alan G. Bates. 30 pages. The life of a Scottish/American Planemaker. Reprinted Jointly M-WTCA & EAIA

33. August 1986 H.Chapin’s Son Price List and Catalogue January, 1890. 82 pages. Catalogue of rules, planes, and accessories. Reprinted M-WTCA

34. April 1987 Zenith Tools and Cutlery, Marshall-Wells Hdwe Co. Duluth Minn c 1910. 138 pages. Their major brand name was Zenith. Second quality tools were branded Marswells, Hartford, Superior Northern King. All metal no wood planes. Reprinted M-WTCA

35. November 1987 Wood Working c 1905. 260 pages. This is a complete tool and how to use, plus a chapter on shop furniture. From the Book Woodworking. Reprinted M-WTCA

36. November 1988 North Bros. Mfg. Co. “Yankee” tools and Ice Cream Freezers c 1912 .118 pages. A unique combination of “Yankee” tools and Machines used in the ice cream making process. Reprinted M-WTCA

37. November 1989 Buck && Hickman Limited American Tool Catalog c 1902. 270 pages. A London hardware merchants catalog of American tools sold in their shop. Reprinted M-WTCA

38. October 1990 Ohio Tool Company Catalog 23, c1910. 84 pages. One of the last catalogs before ceasing operations in 1920. Business founded in 1823. Reprinted M-WTCA

39. July 1991 Eagle Square Steel Carpenters Square c 1917. 32 pages. Their squares, and how to use Reprinted MWTCA

40. May 1991 18th Annual Catalog of the Winnie Machine Works of Chicago, Ill c 1890. 42 pages. All kinds of machinery used in making barrels. Reprinted M-WTCA

41. September 1992 Forty Years of Hardware by Saunders Norvell c 1924. 445 pages. A very interesting book on Mr. Norvells’ 40 years in the hardware business. Really worth reading. Reprinted M-WTCA

42. September 1993 Broadside of Israel White Plane Mfg., Nov. 12, 1833. 1 Sheet. Reprinted M-WTCA

43. September 1993 Price List of Jackson and Tyler c 1880. 122 pages. Tools and supplies of all kinds, for machinists, blacksmiths, model makers, foot lathes, drills etc. Reprinted M-WTCA

44. October 1994 New Britain The Hardware Center 1836 to turn of the century. 72 pages. A great history of the town of New Britain and the industry there. Reprinted M-WTCA

45. September 1995 Sargent Tool Book 1911 Catalog. 250 pages. Metal and wood tools sold under Sargents name. Reprinted M-WTCA

46. July 1996 J. M. Waterston Catalog 25 c 1925-1935. 418 pages. Tools and factory supplies. Reprinted M-WTCA

47. July 1997 Bench Work in Wood by W. F. M. Goss Professor of Practical Mechanics, Purdue U. 1901, 161 pages of how to use hand tools. Reprinted M-WTCA

48. July 1998 Otto Young & Co. Tools and Materials Catalogue, dated 1892 –1893, 466 pages. Watchmakers, Jewelers, and Engravers tools, materials and supplies. Reprinted M-WTCA.

49. June 1999 Millers Falls Catalog No. 42 1938, 240 pages. Catalog of the woodworking and machinist tools of Millers Falls Company. Reprinted M-WTCA

50. October 2000 The Best of The GRISTMILL 122 pages. An anthology of the best articles of the first 25 years of M-WTCA’s quarterly publication, The GRISTMILL. Published M-WTCA.

51. September 2001 A.J. Wilkinson & Co.s Hardware and Tools circa 1867, 162 pages. Early tool catalog features Leonard Bailey’s Vertical Post bench planes. Reprinted M-WTCA.

52. September 2002 Stanley Tools assortment of 6 brochures. Various sales brochures and instruction books, housed in a special envelope. Stanley Tools – in sets, c. 1925; Stanley Tools, c. 1932; Stanley ‘forty-five Plane, 7-1-30; Stanley Combination Plane No. 46, c. 1925; The Joy of Accomplishment, dated 10-37; and Facts about Tools, dated 1946. Reprinted M-WTCA.

53. September 2003 Illustrated Catalogue of the Henry Cheney Hammer Co. Little Falls, N.Y. 1904. 34 Pages. Reprinted M-WTCA.

54. September 2004 Hand-book and Ilustrated catalogue of the Engineers’ and Surveyors’ Instruments, Made by Buff & Berger Boston, Mass. 1897. 152 Pages. Reprinted M-WTCA.

55. September 2005 Lufkin Measuring Tapes and Rules Catalog Number Ten. Circa 1920. 112 Pages. Reprinted M-WTCA

56. September 2006 The National Saw Company Newark, N.J. 200 Pages. Reprinted M-WTCA.

57. September 2007 Jackson & Tyler, Tools and Supplies of all Kinds. 1880. 112 pages.

58. October 2008 Millers Falls Catalog No. 24 ca. 1894, 70 pages. Also included was a cd of Eric Peterson’s The Brace: The Why & How of Making Holes Volume One 384 pages.

58. October 2009: 1915 Henry Disston & Sons publication The Saw In History. 63 pages.

59. December 2011: The Cabinet Maker’s Guide by G. A. Siddons 1837. 225 pages. Reprinted M-WTCA.

60. December 2012: Exercises in Wood Working with a short treatise on wood by Ivin Sickels 1890. 160 pages.

61. January 2014: Otto Bergmann Tool Catalog Berlin 1928-1929. 104 pages.

62. December 2014: Gristmill Published Saw Articles from 1999-2014. 148 pages.

63. August 2015: Member Roger Smith graciously donated reprints of four tool catalogs. Members were each sent one randomly.
 Vaughan & Bushnell Mfg. Co. Chicago, Ill. Fine Tools Catalogue No. 27. 1927. 62 pages.
 Henry Disston & Sons. Keystone Saw, Tool, Steel & File Works. Philadelphia. 1876. 86 pages.
 Simonds Saw Mfr. Co. Fitchburg, Mass. Catalogue No. 19. 1919. 195 pages.
 The H.D. Smith & Co. Dropped Forged Tools. Plantsville, Conn. Catalogue No. 25 1920. 36 pages.

64. October 2016: Stanley Rule and Level Company Catalogue No. 26 August 1900. 80 pages.


In addition, MWTCA and EAIA teamed up and presold the following:

1. October 1979 American Mechanical Dictionary by Edward H. Knight. Volumes I II & III and the supplement. Originally published by Hurd and Houghton.

2. 1982 Appletons Cyclopedia of Applied Mechanics Volums I & II c1880 and Volumn III supplement c 1897. Originally published by D. Appleton & Co, NY