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From 2021 Issues

What’s Its From the March 2021 Issue

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What’s Its From the December 2021 Issue

183-1 A frame for supporting dead ducks as decoys, patent number 230,600


A similar patent for holding a dead duck in a flying position can be seen here:


183-2 This tool is a plate glass roller for trimming and smoothing edges of plate and other heavy glass



183-3 A handle for lifting or carrying boxes or barrels

183-4 This device is for measuring the height of trees, the increments marked on it range from 10 to 50 meters


What’s Its From the June 2021 Issue

182-1  This device is a school teacher’s signal, or clicker. In use, the small stick is repeatedly pressed against the handle and then released. This makes a noise to attract the attention of inattentive students

182-2  This is a Disston Star hammer type saw set, patent number 134,320

182-3 No answer yet

182-4 This is a Victorian food masticator, for use when feeding young children, the elderly, or anyone who needed their meat pre-chewed. Made in France