Gristmill What’s It


From 2018 Issues

What’s Its From the December 2018 Issue

173-1 A Disston Saw Set Raker Gauge


173-2 A Corn husk shredder, the shredded husks were then used to fill mattresses


173-3 No answer yet


173-4 Possibly an old lock picking set


What’s Its from the September 2018 Issue

172-1 A Disston Cutter Grinder, according to a 1914 Disston catalog, 
it is “for holding the gummer cutter in position during process of sharpening.”
A gummer is a tool for enlarging and deepening the spaces between the teeth of a worn saw. 


172-2 20MM M25 Machine Gun Ammo Linker Delinker Tool


172-3 No answer yet 


172-4 A flat belt tightener, for stretching wide flat belts in order to connect the ends together.


What’s Its from the June 2018 Issue

171-1 A key for a watchman’s clock, patent number 1,188,349:


171-2 A wire winding tool for making springs, patent number 861,283.


171-3 A tool for refacing small engine valves


171-4  This was part of a duplex clamp

What’s Its from the March 2018 Issue

Fig 170-1 A mainspring winder, patent number 443,881: Patent

Fig 170-1a

Fig 170-1b


Fig. 170-2 A stonemason’s smoothing plane

Fig 170-2a


Fig. 170-3  A vintage bone saw for medical use:

Fig 170-3a


Fig. 170-4  A slaughtermans pole axe for use on live stock: