Gristmill What’s It


From 2016 Issues


The Gristmill What’s It Column for December 2016

165-1   8″ long, text on it reads  “CS-2 Universal, Voss Mfg & Dist Co, Downs Kans”, no answer yet for this tool:
165-2  This tool is one of a two part wire fence twister by the Brown Fence Company, see tool number 701 in Smith’s “Collectors Guide For Fencing Tools.”
165-3 This is an industrial saw set that was made for working on large gauge circular saws. Some of the places that these were used include board mills, shingle mills, and pulp mills.

165-4  5-1/2″ long, still looking for an answer for this item:






The Gristmill What’s It Column for September 2016

164-1 8″ long, no answer yet for this tool.




164-2 A holder and handle for the cylinder of an acetylene lamp.





164-3 A wick cutter for use on oil lamps.

Update from the December 2012 Gristmill What’s It column:

149-4 This is a ski waxing iron, the heat is supplied by a fuel tablet.



The Gristmill What’s It Column for June 2016

163-1  Years ago fuel delivery trucks didn’t have any type of a pump to transfer the fuel from the truck to the farmer’s storage tank. The fuel was moved in 5 gallon containers by hand. This indicator was mounted on the truck and each time a 5 gallon can was filled they advanced it one space to keep track of the gallons delivered.


163-2 This is a wire fence tighener, patent number 658335




163-3  This device is a fishing lure retriever for when the lure is snagged on a branch or rock underwater. The slot would be opened and the line would be slipped into the cylinder, the slot would then be closed. The retriever could then be lowered and raised along the line by a cord. If the weight of the retriever didn’t dislodge the lure, the chains could be entangled with the lure hooks and help pull it out.




The Gristmill What’s It Column for March 2016

162-1  12-3/4″ long:



162-2  The spikes on this item are around 5″ in length. There are two mounting holes
on the frame, and the part holding the spikes can freely rotate on the threaded shaft.
Turning the handle raises and lowers the spikes, which can all pivot outwards.

162-3   This is probably part of a drafting T-square that is missing its straight edge.