Gristmill What’s It


From 2012 Issues

The Gristmill What’s It Column for December 2012






149-2. This is a wine bottle cleaner




149-3. A watchmaker’s tool:



149-4. From the 2005 Decatur meeting:





The Gristmill What’s It Column for September 2012



148-2  5″ long:


148-3  10″ long:






The Gristmill What’s It Column for June 2012

147-1 This is most likely a flax breaker.

147-1c This is a similar tool that was sent to me a few years ago.





147-3  10″ long:



147-4  8-1/2″ long, the metal part does not move at all
Update: A couple of people have said that this is a handle for a recliner.



When we get answers for any of these tools, they will be posted here.

This page will be updated with more items whenever new photos are sent in.

The Gristmill What’s It Column for March 2012

Around 11-1/2″ long, text on the side of it says “Chain-ger”, obviously it’s some type of chain tool but we haven’t been able to find out how it was used.



Someone had brought this to the meeting in Bowling Green, the top part is about 5″ long, it can pivot and the lower piece is a weight.



5-3/4″ long, text on it reads “patent pending”:


This was part of the What’s It program at the Chattanooga 2007 meeting, it’s 12″ long: