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The Gristmill is the official publication of the Mid-West Tool Collectors Association Inc. It is printed quarterly and distributed exclusively to our members, which is one of the key benefits of membership in our organization. The Gristmill contains numerous articles relating to the history, usage, and understanding of tools. It is also contains all the key information pertaining to M-WTCA meetings, news, upcoming events, auctions, announcements, want ads, and general articles of interest to tool collectors.

The Gristmill is only available to members and to you, once you join our organization. The informational value you will get from The Gristmill is worth much, much more than the cost of your membership!! You can join online now, Click Here

PLEASE NOTE!! For reference and to make our information available to others, we are now putting back issues online that are 3 years or more old, watermarked and at a reduced image resolution. Click on The Gristmill Archive – The Full Gristmill Index below for more details!!

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Gristmill Articles in the December 2019 issue

  •  Back issues of The Gristmill Online!
  •  M-WTCA Receives a Gift
  • Member Published in Scholarly Journal
  • Member Tape Measure Display Installed at Cape Cod Library
  • Buffalo Forge Information Request
  • Distinguished Service Award Recipient
  • How Often Does This Happen?
  • Justus Traut – Part IV The 1880’s, a Decade of Expansion and Innovations
  • Ramblings of an Amateur Tool Nut Part III
  • Not Your Usual Internship Program
  • Growing Up Close to the James Swan Co. Plant
  • Stanley #10 Rule Type Study
  • Henry Worrall & Co
  • Enjoying My Old “Tater” Peeler
  • Ohio Tool Company 099 Combination Plane
  • Bakers Ruse
  • Did You Know?
  • And much, much more!!

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