From 2023 Issues

From 2023 Issues

What’s Its From the March 2023 Issue

190-1 A dental mouth gag, it was slowly screwed between a patient’s teeth to open their mouth.  More information on this item can be found on this site:


190-2 A staple puller, for the large U-nail type staples that are used when making a wire fence. Patent number 2,212,080



This item is Baunscheidt’s Lebenswecker (Life-Awakener), it was a quack device that was designed to quickly puncture the skin, creating “artificial pores” through which the “health-destroying morbid matter” in the body could naturally escape. A more detailed description of this device is located on this page:



A hog tendon cutter, also called a hog snouter, patent number 253,359.