From 2023 Issues

From 2023 Issues

What’s Its From the June 2023 Issue

191-1  A ring inserter for use with an Alfa Laval milking machine, it is part of a set of teat cup liner assembly tools.

191-2  This item is a sphygmograph, it was a mechanical device used to measure blood pressure in the mid-19th century.

191-3  A wedge for splitting wood for the fireplace, in use a small board was placed on the top of it and then struck with a mallet.’

191-4  A Magic Egg Tester, the wires would hold an egg which was then placed into a glass of water. The gauge on the side of this tester would then be read at the water level to determine if the egg was ready to be put into an incubator.



What’s Its From the March 2023 Issue

190-1 A dental mouth gag, it was slowly screwed between a patient’s teeth to open their mouth.  More information on this item can be found on this site:


190-2 A staple puller, for the large U-nail type staples that are used when making a wire fence. Patent number 2,212,080



This item is Baunscheidt’s Lebenswecker (Life-Awakener), it was a quack device that was designed to quickly puncture the skin, creating “artificial pores” through which the “health-destroying morbid matter” in the body could naturally escape. A more detailed description of this device is located on this page:



A hog tendon cutter, also called a hog snouter, patent number 253,359.