From 2022 Issues

What’s Its From the June 2022 Issue

187-1  No answer yet







187-2  An ear horn for use as a hearing aid


187-3  No answer yet, 7″ long:



187-4  A watchmaker’s memory plate, it helps to remember where each screw goes.


What’s Its From the March 2022 Issue

186-1 A cow milking claw for use with a milking machine

186-2 A vintage medical tonsil clamp, designed to hold enlarged tonsils during a tonsillectomy ca 1900


186-3 No answer yet


186-4 A machine used when making or installing tin roofs. “Chas. B. Hilbert Builder Cin. O.” In the 1887 Cincinnati City Directory, Mr. Hilber was listed as “Machinist & Manufacturer of Imported Roofing Machines & Collar Making Tools.”

This machine is available – please contact What’s Its page through this LINK.