From 2020 Issues

What’s Its From the June 2020 Issue

179-1 This is a Dixie Gun Works mouse killer, it is a reproduction of a device that was first made in 1862.

In use, the barrel is loaded with gunpowder and a small bullet. Peanut butter or other bait is placed on the bottom of part A, a percussion cap is set on top of part B, part C is placed between the hammer and the sear, and the safety is removed (part E). If a mouse pushes up just slightly on the bait holder, part C with be dislodged and the hammer will strike the percussion cap, sending a spark down to the barrel to ignite the gunpowder and propel the bullet.


179-2 Possibly a salt lick holder:


179-3 Appears to be a hose clamp:




179-4 No answer yet, text on them says “Mfd for H F LIVERMORE, Pearl St, Boston, Mass”


What’s Its From the March 2020 Issue

178-1 No Answer Yet


178-2 This device is part of a cream separator


178-3 A pair of combination pinchers, the patent for this tool states:
“The nature of the present invention consists in the jaws of
pinchers with a swage, for fitting joints of pipe to each other.
A stop or gage, being attached to the jaw of the pinchers, is used
to bring the swage always the same distance on the pipe.”
Patent number 163,277
This combination tool can also be used as a hammer, tack claw, can opener, nutcracker, screwdriver, and wire cutter.


178-4 This item is a picker arm for a potato planter, I found it very interesting how it works, you can see it in use in the video at the link below.