Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget, by Bob Roger, is a series of short articles, each about a tool or implement that was once a common household, farm, or trade necessity, but whose use or existence may soon be forgotten. These articles from The Gristmill are an excellent example of the what you can learn as a member of MWTCA. New “Lest We Forgets” will be added from each issue and ones from previous issues will be added as time permits.

  • Carton Cutter-June 2017 – We all have modern cardboard box cutters around. They are small, lightweight and have retractable throwaway blades and are easily and safely carried in a pocket. But let us not forget their more substantial forefathers.
  • Carpet Clamp – March 2017 – This heavy duty clamp is marked “Pat Nov 15, 04 and is an example of Patent #775,034. Learn its significance and how it ties to a long term member of MWTCA.