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Len BorkowskiLauber:Pattern, Handle Maker15813Manufacturers
Tom GearyHoe-Axe (Sometimes called a Hoax)1513Axes & Hatchets
Kenneth D. RobertsMarples Prices in US Dollars16513Manufacturers
Bill RiglerThanks, Ivan Welcome Gary16914Miscellaneous Articles
Kenneth D. RobertsEnglish Tools in America161214Tools, Miscellaneous
Nancy ClokeyMore Thoughts on Restoring Wood1616Woodworking, misc.
M-WTCADues Increase17315Miscellaneous Articles
M-WTCA2nd Quality - A Study of Imperfections17515Miscellaneous Articles
M-WTCABarking Spud, A17716Tools, Miscellaneous
M-WTCAStanley Collectors: Words of Caution18516Stanley Tools
M-WTCAStanley in Spotlight19217Miscellaneous Articles
Ian RisleyThe Fake-The Collector-The Difference19317Miscellaneous Articles
Drew MurphyHill, Rupert l: Furniture Artisian194Biographies
M-WTCAMar. 17, 1911 (Filed) Oscar Bergstrom - Clamp196Patents
M-WTCAWhatsits No Longer19617Miscellaneous Articles
M-WTCAMarples & Sons Selling Terms for 1923 Catalog197Manufacturers
M-WTCANo Reports of 9 Stanleys19818Planes, Stanley
M-WTCAStanley Champ20319Miscellaneous Articles
Marion HenleyKeen Kutter and Diamond Edge Lines20819Keen Kutter
M-WTCAStephens' Patent Combination Rule2010Rules, Squares & Levels
M-WTCAChapin-Stephens Co., Pine Meadow, Conn2010Manufacturers
M-WTCAFibre Board Bevelers216Planes, Stanley
M-WTCAWhatsit Watchers21920Miscellaneous Articles
John WellsTool Tid-Bits Stanley 130 and 1312121Planes, Stanley
M-WTCANo. 1,00022620Miscellaneous Articles
Fred CurryA brief History of the Stanley Rule & Level Company and Stanley Tools22721Stanley Tools
Seth W. BurchardA Filing System for Tool Collectors2211Miscellaneous Articles
Roger K. SmithOdell, Eli - Toolmaker23624Biographies
M-WTCAPlow Plane patented by Odell, Eli236Planes
Joseph T. StakesFox Adjustable Try Square239Rules, Squares & Levels
Joseph T. StakesTopp's Framing Square239Rules, Squares & Levels
Hunter PilkintonHaving Fun On A Limited Tool Budget24424Miscellaneous Articles
Ashley KennedyNo. 44 Bit & Square Level Repair246Stanley Tools
M-WTCAFiori Built New Life, Tools In Arkansas247Biographies
Bill Rigler18th-19th Century Cooper's Compass253Trades, Cooper Tools
Ian RisleyEarly Woodworker Used Originality25525Saws
M-WTCATrust Equal M-WTCA26126Miscellaneous Articles
Marion HenleyThe Book Gnome261325Miscellaneous Articles
Bill RiglerCXIII - marking, Truth or fiction276Miscellaneous Articles
Milan RamseyTrademarks, examples276Keen Kutter
Erv SchafferHand Saws in the U.S277Saws
Erv SchafferNew Yorker Granted First Saw Patent in 180827726Saws
Hud ReadnourDiary of a Tool Collector in England2710Miscellaneous Articles
M-WTCATool Game Mental Exercises Keep Toolers in Shape271225Miscellaneous Articles
M-WTCAMarion Henley Obituary28327Miscellaneous Articles
M-WTCALogging Tools - The Second Largest Collection285Trades, other
Bill HoldenGreenleaf, Wm: Talented, Eccentric28828Biographies
Bill HoldenCalipers, made by F.M. Greenleaf289Tools, Miscellaneous
Bill RiglerCXIII marking - Follow-up2811Miscellaneous Articles
Bill RiglerThe Tool Shed - Classified Ads281529Miscellaneous Articles
Elliot M. SaywardPercept for Tool Collectors281629Miscellaneous Articles
Albert B. DickasWooding, Robert - Plane296Planes
M-WTCALogger's Old Remedy for Rust297Trades, other
M-WTCAPeening the Scythe2910Tools, Miscellaneous
M-WTCAM-WTCA Establishes Henley Memorial Award30830Miscellaneous Articles
WTCAJul. 12, 1904 Helb, E - Level & Grade Finder318Patents
M-WTCALevel & Grade Finder- Helb, E318Rules, Squares & Levels
M-WTCAHelb, E - Combined Level & Grade finder319Rules, Squares & Levels
M-WTCAScrewdriver, Spiral Olsen's patent311030Tools Made in the Mid-West
M-WTCAArtwork of Len Borkowski311230Miscellaneous Articles
M-WTCAFirst Scholarships Offered32431Miscellaneous Articles
Roger K. SmithMiller Co.326Tools Made in the Mid-West
M-WTCAMiller Wire Stretcher326Tools, Miscellaneous
Tom MartinOct. 24, 1916 Wingire, E.C. - Wire Stretcher327Patents
M-WTCAWomen Forming Unit321131Miscellaneous Articles
M-WTCARemember when?321131Miscellaneous Articles
M-WTCAMid-West Grows, and Grows, and Grows...33331Miscellaneous Articles
Erv SchafferNorth American Handsaw Makers Part I335Saws
Roger K. SmithChamberlin's Square,plumb,level & bevel339Tools Made in the Mid-West
WTCANew Woman's Auxiliary Elects Slate34532Miscellaneous Articles
Charles HowellColonial Watermills Part I347Miscellaneous Articles
Roger K. SmithAluminum Levels - Descriptions & Cuts3411Stanley Tools
Roger K. SmithCincinnati Tool Co, The3416Tools Made in the Mid-West
M-WTCANew Gristmill Features Cited341932Miscellaneous Articles
M-WTCAHardware Kings (Keen Kutter)35734Keen Kutter
Jerome T. GrismerWitte Hardware Company358Hardware Companies
Charles HowellColonial Watermills Part II359Miscellaneous Articles
Jerome T. GrismerHargis, Clarence - Personal Interview3516Biographies
Jerome T. GrismerHargis Collection3516Hammers
Roger K. SmithI.N. Sutton & Sons3520Tools Made in the Mid-West
Charles HowellColonial Watermills Part III366Miscellaneous Articles
Wilbur H. BrothwellHow Auger Bits Were Made Part I36835Augers & Bits
Jerome T. GrismerStrauss, Sam Jr. Collection3610Planes
Seth W. BurchardVarken Plane3612Planes
Robert H. Coleman112 Scraper361234Stanley Tools
William J. BaaderBayley, William & Co. Core Box Plane3613Manufacturers
William J. BaaderCore Box Plane3613Planes
Roger K. SmithVillage Blacksmith Tools3614Manufacturers
Richard DelwicheCombination Household Tool - Huehn, F.A.377Tools, Miscellaneous
Wilbur H. BrothwellHow Auger Bits Were Made Part II379Augers & Bits
Charles HowellColonial Watermills Part IV3710Miscellaneous Articles
Roger K. SmithE. C. Atkins Vegitable Cutter3716Tools Made in the Mid-West
M-WTCAM-WTCA Sears and Roebuck Blacksmith Catalog Reprint is ca. 1915371738Miscellaneous Articles
Wilbur H. BrothwellHow Auger Bits Were Made Part III3811Augers & Bits
Ian RisleyArtificial Wood Graining3812Woodworking, misc.
James E. PriceSep. 3, 1878 Foss, Henry A. - Block Plane3813Patents
James E. PriceOzark Plane3813Planes
Roger K. SmithE. Smith & Co., Rockford, IL381438Tools Made in the Mid-West
John S. KebabianBoutoir-Butter-Butteris, The3817Trades, Farrier Tools
Erv SchafferNorth American Handsaw Makers Part II3910Saws
Larry BrundageMaking Tools in Bangor, Maine391438Miscellaneous Articles
Roger K. SmithWash Co. Chicago, Ill , A Mystery Plane3916Tools Made in the Mid-West
M-WTCAVillage Blacksmith3916Manufacturers
Robert H. ColemanCarcase-saw3919Saws
M-WTCAA Letter From the Editor391940Backtalk
K. SmithG.A. Topp & Co. Indianapolis, Ind.403Tools Made in the Mid-West
Roger K. SmithTopp's Framing Tool403Rules, Squares & Levels
Wilbur H. BrothwellThe Russell Jennings Manufacturing Company Inc Over A Century Of Success401040Manufacturers
Erv SchafferNorth American Handsaw Makers Part III4014Saws
Peter CullumGreenlee Bros. & Company, Rockford,Il411241Tools Made in the Mid-West
James E. PriceTool To Clean Tools, The411642Tool Cleaning & Preservation
Fred CurryAnother Rare No. 2, Too?411743Planes, Stanley
Hunter PilkintonBlacksmith Stocks, Taps and Dies4118Trades, Blacksmith
Robert NealJapanning, The Art of411943Miscellaneous Articles
William J. BaaderMetric Zig-Zag Rule4120Rules, Squares & Levels
John S. KebabianEaliest American Iron Axes, The421244Axes & Hatchets
Ken WassonDevelopment of the Saw421546Saws
William J. BaaderAm. Arms Co., Boston, Mass Pat. Apr. 21, 18864220Manufacturers
Roger K. SmithKinney's Patent Gauge Ripping Plane4220Planes
William J. BaaderBoard Rules - How to use4220Rules, Squares & Levels
Hunter PilkintonPuzzled: Square Holes?422346Miscellaneous Articles
George WanamakerTwo Tone Planes431247Planes, Stanley
David B. CroweHitching Hammer, A431448Hammers
Peter CullumMarsh Tool Company431649Tools Made in the Mid-West
Fred CurryMarsh M-24317Planes
William J. BaaderMaster Rule Co., Inc. Middletown, New York4317Rules, Squares & Levels
Hunter PilkintonAnswer: Square Holes and More!432347Miscellaneous Articles
Roger K. SmithAdjustable Gauge Co., Lexington, KY449Tools Made in the Mid-West
Richard DelwicheMaydole Hammer, The441049Hammers
Lloyd HardinAmes Shovels - Since 17744418Tools, Miscellaneous
Allen ShawWood, A.A. & Sons Atlanta Georgia4510Manufacturers
Harley CochranEskimo Crooked Knife, The451250Tools, Miscellaneous
Peter CullumMarsh and Rockford Tool Companies, The451651Tools Made in the Mid-West
Charles J. EwingPlanemakers and Hardware Dealers in Indiana4518Planes
William J. BaaderEll Rules466Rules, Squares & Levels
Charles J. EwingPlanemakers and Hardware Dealers in Indiana4620Planes
O. M. RamseyA Bowser Screwdriver462353Tools Made in the Mid-West
William J. BaaderLufkin Tape-Rule479Rules, Squares & Levels
Clifford D. FalesThe Hedge/Clark Connection, or An Unusual Rule Joint471053Rules, Squares & Levels
Ron PearsonMiter-Plane Machine471255Tools, Miscellaneous
Jim HillThompson's Mitre Bevel Gauge471355Tools, Miscellaneous
Seth W. BurchardAustrian and American Plows Compared4719Planes
Roger K. SmithBrand Names on Planes4720Planes
M-WTCAMaidens (Paving Rammers & Tampers)4723Tools, Miscellaneous
Gerald WynnUnderhill Edge Tool Co. of Nashua, N.H. 1852-1890472456Axes & Hatchets
Richard DelwicheCo-operative Axe & Tool Co.4727Axes & Hatchets
Roger K. SmithStage Screw4727Tools, Miscellaneous
Jeanne OliverFinding Patent Information - And Why bother4810Patents
Charles J. EwingIllinois Planemakers and Hardware Dealers4812Planes
Roger K. SmithNo. 46 Combination Plane Type Study4814Planes, Stanley
Ron PearsonRichardson's New Timber Saw4817Saws
Elliot M. SaywardWhat's in a Name481856Miscellaneous Articles
M-WTCAWhy "Monkey" Wrench - Origin of the Term481957Miscellaneous Articles
Hunter PilkintonRock Island Combination Blacksmith shop Tool4821Tools Made in the Mid-West
Jack SchoellhamerMaidens (Follow-up)4827Tools, Miscellaneous
M-WTCAPatent Depository Libraries4913Patents
Tom LamondMiller Falls Spokeshaves4914Spokeshaves
M-WTCALufkin Rule Company491658Manufacturers
Charles J. EwingIllinois Planemakers and Hardware Dealers4920Tools Made in the Mid-West
John S. KebabianMaidens, Even More About4924Tools, Miscellaneous
Richard DelwicheAnsley Flex-Jaw Hammer, The492560Hammers
Richard DelwicheMay 15, 1919 George W. Ansley - Hammer4926Patents
John S. KebabianSquare Hole Auger Co., The4927Tools Made in the Mid-West
Laurent Jean Torno, Jr.Primitives: To Be or not to be?4928Tools, Miscellaneous
George BraunUnusual Rule - (Follow-up)4931Rules, Squares & Levels
Paul B. KebabianBridge Builders Square, A further note on the506Rules, Squares & Levels
John S. KebabianShipbuilder's Legacy, A508Trades, other
Tom LamondLeonard Baily "Victor" & Similar Spokeshaves5014Stanley Tools
Vanessa BlumenbergPlanemaking - An Early Industry5017Trades, other
Roger K. SmithTopp's Framing Square, Another5021Rules, Squares & Levels
David E. HeckelWinchester Tools - "As Good as the Gun"511661Manufacturers
John S. KebabianRace Knife, The511862Tools, Miscellaneous
Roger K. SmithTaylor's Bench Plane Beveling Attachment5122Tools Made in the Mid-West
Roger K. SmithMar. 5, 1878 H.P. Taylor - Bench Plane5123Patents
Robert S. HunterThe Lowly Plumb Bob - Ridgely52664Plumb Bobs
Richard DelwicheAre There Really Left-Handed Monkey Wrenches52766Pliers,Wrenches, Screwdrivers
Roger K. SmithAcme Level Company, The - Toledo, Ohio5220Tools Made in the Mid-West
David B. CroweHebblethwaite's Hammer, Rock falls Ill522166Tools Made in the Mid-West
Jerome T. GrismerEmbossed American Axes5212765Axes & Hatchets
Bill RiglerIntegrity531067Miscellaneous Articles
Tom LamondPatented Stanley Spoke Shaves5312Stanley Tools
William J. BaaderWyckoff's Combination Rule5316Rules, Squares & Levels
William J. BaaderJul. 31, 1877 G.D. Wyckoff - Combination Rule5316Patents
Richard DelwicheSnowball Hammers531767Hammers
Phil WhitbyA Couple of Scarce Stanley Levels5318Stanley Tools
Bob HunterBelieve It... or Not531968Tools Made in the Mid-West
Vic HaydonCanadian Tool Companies5327Manufacturers
O. M. RamseyRace Knives - Follow-up5327Tools, Miscellaneous
George WanamakerSiegley Planes54668Planes
Tom WardA Most Unfamiliar Disston Hand Saw5417Saws
Harlow SternbergLyctus Powder-Post Beetle, The - (Worm holes)541770Woodworking, misc.
Richard DelwicheCombination Tools of the Mid-West5418Tools Made in the Mid-West
Bill LinstrombergEvansville Tool Works5419Tools Made in the Mid-West
John S. KebabianRace Knife, - Another Maker5430Tools, Miscellaneous
Bob LordiAn Alternate Method of Tool Cleanig5431Tool Cleaning & Preservation
M-WTCAOld Grist Mills in Missouri558Miscellaneous Articles
David E. HeckelThe Winchester Plan559Manufacturers
Richard DelwicheCombination Tools of the Mid-West Part II5516Tools Made in the Mid-West
Ralph GrahamGunter's Scale551770Rules, Squares & Levels
John S. KebabianThe Old-Time Timber Trade in Florida5518Miscellaneous Articles
Harry L. StevensPhotographing Your Tool Collection, More on5527Miscellaneous Articles
Fred CurryStanley Four Square Tools For Household Use561470Stanley Tools
John S. KebabianSurveying561572Miscellaneous Articles
Roger K. SmithReuben Fretz, Clay City, Indiana5616Tools Made in the Mid-West
M-WTCAThe Wood-Saw (poem)561772Miscellaneous Articles
William J. BaaderCutting-Gage for Packing5618Rules, Squares & Levels
M-WTCAHow to Make Shingles5620Woodworking, misc.
Richard DelwicheCombination Tools of the Mid-West5710Tools Made in the Mid-West
Hi HowardOld Style "Square" Nails5712Miscellaneous Articles
Bob GilmoreWilliams Universal Plane - Found in California5713Planes
M-WTCAScrew-Wrenches and Their Manufacturers5714Pliers,Wrenches, Screwdrivers
William J. BaaderProtractor and Finger Traveler587Tools, Miscellaneous
James E. PriceBowin' an' Spikin' in th' Jillikins588Miscellaneous Articles
Bill LinstrombergAber Perfected Saw Set5812Tools Made in the Mid-West
Bill LinstrombergApr. 24, 1917 E. Aber - Saw Set5812Patents
Tom LamondAnother Stanley Spokeshave... or is it?597Stanley Tools
M-WTCAJoinery, The Preparation of Wood598Woodworking, misc.
M-WTCAPiqua Handle & Mfg Co., Piqua, Ohio599Manufacturers
Roger K. SmithWilliam E. Owen Teacher & Inventor591472Tools Made in the Mid-West
William J. BaaderTelescopic Measuring Rule591673Rules, Squares & Levels
William T. WilkinsLufkin Rule Company - Follow-up information5926Manufacturers
Gale ZerkleJulius Katz's Patented Plane-Stock601074Tools Made in the Mid-West
Gale ZerkleApr. 26, 1870 J. Katz Bench - Plane6010Patents
Bill CarterCheaper than Sandpaper6011Miscellaneous Articles
Richard DelwicheHand Wrought Hammers with Nail-Holder Groove601275Tools Made in the Mid-West
Hunter Pilkinton"JO" Blocks - A Standard in Accuracy6013Tools, Miscellaneous
M-WTCAEbonizing6013Woodworking, misc.
Don GoodwellCleaning and Preserving Antique Tools602476Tool Cleaning & Preservation
Mel RingJack Plane611377Planes
Ron PearsonLightning Brace, The611477Braces & Bitstocks
O. M. RamseyArch-Back froe611477Tools, Miscellaneous
William J. BaaderExtension Rule6121Rules, Squares & Levels
William J. BaaderJul. 7, 1896 Charles Jewell - Extension Rule6121Patents
Tim BarnesIvory Rule6127Rules, Squares & Levels
Roger K. SmithRose's Washer & Gasket Cutter, Hastings, Neb628Tools Made in the Mid-West
Bill LinstrombergMar 10, 1874 George C. Miller - Bevel6210Patents
Bill LinstrombergBevel, George C. Miller's Patented6210Tools, Miscellaneous
O. M. RamseyHay Knives6211Tools, Miscellaneous
Larry BrundageFox, Irving W. Rochester, Minn6212Biographies
Tom LamondStanley Spokeshave... -Follow-up6226Stanley Tools
Ron PearsonMoore Wrench, The639Pliers,Wrenches, Screwdrivers
Roger K. SmithNov 11, 1873 George C. Miller - Dividers6310Patents
Richard DelwicheRotating Display Case6311Miscellaneous Articles
Bob NelsonRe: Cleaning and Preserving Antique Tools632077Backtalk
Tom LamondCincinnati Tool Company6416Manufacturers
Rodney ColeRe: Salesman Sample Level642778Backtalk
Timothy D. WilliamsA Closer Look at the Coopers651579Trades, Cooper Tools
E.J. "Al" RenierThose Nordic Braces Part I651879Braces & Bitstocks
Ron PearsonHovey, John The Tools of6521Biographies
Bill RiglerYou Don't Know Where You're Going Until You Know Where You've Been66480Miscellaneous Articles
E.J. "Al" RenierThose Nordic Braces Part II661381Braces & Bitstocks
Mike KnudsonWisconsin Hardware Dealer -R.J. Richardson6618Hardware Companies
O. M. RamseyWasher Cutters, The Rest of the Story6619Tools, Miscellaneous
Ken CopeBridgeport Gun Implement Co.6620Manufacturers
Roger K. SmithLufkin Lumber Gauge662185Tools Made in the Mid-West
E.J. "Al" RenierA Jointer Made For A Tool Box662185Planes
Mel RingRE: Interesting Group662681Backtalk
Ron Baird, Jim MauMan who Made a Hammer, The (David Maydole)671585Hammers
Bob Siegel, Jr.Ice From Nature to Consumer - Tools & Methods.6719Miscellaneous Articles
William WarnerOtter Creek Mills Saw Mills6724Miscellaneous Articles
M-WTCARecord Price Paid for Common No. 4 Smooth Plane672785Planes
Harold WhitesideMiners Candlesticks or Sticking Tommies688Tools, Miscellaneous
Bill RiglerMarugg Company, The Snath Maker689Manufacturers
Ken CopeCoes Wrench Company, The691688Pliers,Wrenches, Screwdrivers
M-WTCAWashington, George - The Farmer709Biographies
Harold WhitesideMiner's Candlesticks are not Sticking Tommies7010Tools, Miscellaneous
Ron MossingYet another Rare #2701391Planes
Lewis D. FreedlandWatchmaker Tools7014Trades, other
Jack BirkySimmons, Edward Campbell701992Biographies
Clifford D. FalesDefiance No.1213 1/27113Planes, Stanley
Bob HunterBaker, Phillip The Carpenters Son7115Biographies
Mel RingWhat on Earth is Provenance?711694Miscellaneous Articles
Roger K. SmithMilwaukee Foundry Supply Co.711795Tools Made in the Mid-West
Mel RingFolding Plumb-Level - A Rare Find7118Rules, Squares & Levels
David B. CroweChinese Two-Fold Rule, A7119Rules, Squares & Levels
Ron BairdMorris, John Roseberry7218Biographies
Bob HunterA Real Skyhook !7319Tools, Miscellaneous
Clay TontzTwelve-In-One Tool7327Rules, Squares & Levels
David E. HeckelWinchester Tool Cabinet74598My Favorite Tool
Lars Larson, James E. Price, Roger K. SmithNos. 71 and 71 1/2 Router Plane Type Study746Planes, Stanley
Tom LamondUniversal Spoke Shave No. 677412Stanley Tools
Bill RiglerWoodrough, H.H. The7422Saws
William WarnerTwelve-In-One Tool - Follow-up7427Rules, Squares & Levels
Allan KlenmanMann Family, The - An Axe-Making Dynasty759Axes & Hatchets
Tom LamondMetallic Spokeshaves7510Spokeshaves
Tom LamondJul. 30, 1901 Walter D. Murray - Spokeshave7510Patents
Al Fetty135 Smooth Plane751498My Favorite Tool
Ashley KennedyFour - Square vise751498Stanley Tools
E.J. "Al" RenierBoker, The H & R D Pattberg Brace7515Braces & Bitstocks
Charles ReichmanTools of Maine Lobstermen7616Trades, other
Bob ReeseAn Old Tool Chest761898My Favorite Tool
Tom LamondHelp Wanted... Makers Unknown776Spokeshaves
Ron MossingDuo-Claw , The -Alias Unicast Hammer Story7710Hammers
Lars LarsonModern Tool Collectable - Linoleum Cutter7714Tools, Miscellaneous
Bob HunterStanley No. 1 Plane, The771899My Favorite Tool
Bill RiglerSandusky #140 Rosewood Self-regulating Plow7718Planes
Ian RisleySandusky Iron Planes, Advertised Features of7719Planes
Roger K. SmithWashburn Company, The7727100Tools Made in the Mid-West
Jim MauOvercoat Method of Axe Manufacturing, The7810Axes & Hatchets
Richard ChapmanVaughan & Bushnell Mfg Co., A History of The7812Manufacturers
John WellsA Stanley Prototype7818Planes, Stanley
Clay TontzDexter Pencil Sharpener7819Tools, Miscellaneous
Clay TontzRockford Pencil Knife Co., Pencil Sharpener7819Tools, Miscellaneous
Doug CoxBelknap Hardware, A Brief History of7823100Hardware Companies
J. Francis PfrankVaughan & Bushnell Mfg Co., A History of The798Manufacturers
Bob ReekThe Life and Times of A Family Blacksmith7912Trades, Blacksmith
Francis YorkBook offers some biographical background on George Shetter7913Biographies
Keith MansfieldRufus Porter Plumb, The7919Rules, Squares & Levels
Allan KlenmanKelley- With an "E"7922Axes & Hatchets
Elliot M. SaywardGarth's English Hammer8014Hammers
Bill RiglerDon't Bodder Me!8016Saws
Bill McDougallTool Chest That Talked, The8017100Benches, Chests
John WellsNo. 110 Block Plane, Early Models of The8110Planes, Stanley
Bill RiglerWoodrough & McParlin Panther Brand8115101Saws
Alvin SellensSimmons(Keen Kutter) Collectables8117Keen Kutter
Ron PearsonPorter Patent Brace, The Unique825101Braces & Bitstocks
Allan KlenmanJul. 7, 1857 Henry W. Porter - Bit-Brace827Patents
Allan KlenmanPortland's Queen Bee. The History of827Hardware Companies
Alvin SellensKeen Kutter Logo, Dating The828102Keen Kutter
Jim BairdVillage Blacksmith Brand Tools, The History of8212Manufacturers
Bill RiglerDon't Bodder Me Hand Saw- report8315Saws
Bill EricsonMy Wife Is Finally Interested in Old Tools8315105Miscellaneous Articles
M-WTCASurvey result and Computer Glossary8316Internet
Andrew E. DelansNew York's Prison Planes8320103Planes
Roger K. SmithLeominster Novelty and Spirit Level Works8323Rules, Squares & Levels
Alvin SellensKeen Kutter KK Planes8325Keen Kutter
Tom LamondGeorge Parr... Tool maker, manufacturer8416Manufacturers
Bill RiglerM-WTCA Computer & Internet Committee Members8420Internet
Phil WhitbyBailey's Patented Model Part I8421Planes, Bailey
Ken WassonThe Rise of the E.C. Atkins Saw Empire in Indianapolis8429105Manufacturers
Todd FribergSawsets Made by Charles Morrill & Company8512Sawsets
E. Lakin BrownHarvesting Grain In California8514Miscellaneous Articles
Bill RiglerBasket Makers and Their Tools8516Tools, Miscellaneous
Phil WhitbyBailey's Patented Model Part II8517Planes, Bailey
Robert B. St. PetersResearch Using City Directories8518Miscellaneous Articles
Al FettyThis "Junk" Pile Hid a Gem (Buckeye sawset)8519Sawsets
Al FettyJul. 12, 1910 J.W. Gaede - Sawset8519Patents
Wayne FeelyThe Low-Tech Caliputer Still Has Its Uses8520Tools, Miscellaneous
Paul Van PernisThe Bench Plane Used By the "Barracks Furniture Maker"8521106Planes
Jason MillerUSMC Hatchet8530Axes & Hatchets
George WanamakerVictor Planes 1103, 1104, 1105, 1120867107Planes
William ThurmanBelknap's Old Pine Knot, The History of869107Hardware Companies
Kenneth E. TurnerStarrett Wheels that Let to More Wheels, The8610Manufacturers
David B. CroweBasket Maker's Plane8612Planes
Eric M. PetersonBuying a Computer8614Internet
Janet WellsAn Unusual Axe8617108My Favorite Tool
Shirley LinstrombergSpool Holders8621Household Tools, Gadgets
Roger K. SmithNotes on New England Tool Makers. Edge Tool Makers Hinsdale, N.H. 1840-1900874Tools, Miscellaneous
M-WTCARestoring a Fay & Egan Jointer. A Case Study (book excerpt)876Miscellaneous Articles
Gary GergentThe Tool that Started it All878My Favorite Tool
Mel RingTools for Humanity. Old Tools Make Big Impact in Honduras.879Miscellaneous Articles
Kenneth E. Turner1882 Brown and Sharpe Treatise Found8812Manufacturers
Melanie TorbettLouisiana Swamps Yield Sunken Treasures8814Miscellaneous Articles
Bill RiglerTake-down Buttresses8816Trades, Farrier Tools
Grace J. GossOliver Winchester Before Arms8818Biographies
Mary GandenbergerA Look at Torquay Pottery8826Auxiliary Articles
Pat BaaderArtist Creates Miniature Masterpieces in Bronze8827Auxiliary Articles
Tom LamondKnowles-type Tools: Planes, Spokeshaves, and a scraper8912108Spokeshaves
John WellsStanley No. 239 and No. 239 1/2 Special Dado Plane, The8915109Planes
Sue TubmanThe Story of Old Abe8932Auxiliary Articles
Mike KnudsonThe Swedish-American Connection906110Manufacturers
Lorene StiversThe Hand Rail Wrench908Pliers,Wrenches, Screwdrivers
William WarnerMuseum's Research Center Can Help Collectors909Museums, Research
William J. BaaderThis Button Brace Didn't Come Easy9010Braces & Bitstocks
Phil BakerThe Stanley Bedrock Plane9010Planes
Peggy McBrideSleigh Bells, A Family Treasure9019Auxiliary Articles
Carole MeekerPatent Models in the Kitchen9020Auxiliary Articles
Mary Lou StoverRemembering Bill Rigler - Leader, Friend, Tool Collector Extraordinary914111Miscellaneous Articles
Kerry McCallaIn Fond Remembrance of Bill Rigler915111Miscellaneous Articles
Tom LamondLightweight Wood-body Shaving & Scraping Tools9110Spokeshaves
Todd FribergWentworth's Saw Vise9116Patents
Bill RiglerThe Use of Intermittent Boxing9116Planes
Ron PearsonAn Unusual Plane9117Planes
M-WTCAA Course in Making Wooden Hand Planes9118Woodworking, misc.
Mary Lou StoverThe Nib: Getting at the Nub of the Matter9120111Saws
Harold FaustThe Story of Virgin Growth Tidewater Sinker Cypress9122Miscellaneous Articles
Kenneth E. TurnerThe Humble Tool Bass, the Tote, the frail and the Toat9210Miscellaneous Articles
Paul Van PernisTraut's Patent Hollow and Round Plane9214Planes
Ed HobbsNorth from Alaska Was No Easy Task9216Miscellaneous Articles
Hunter PilkintonJohn Wilkinson and his Boring Machine9314Miscellaneous Articles
Bob NelsonThe Van Namee Framing Square9318Tools, Miscellaneous
Andrew E. DelansCatalogs Offer Glimpse at the Past9319Miscellaneous Articles
Howard MironovA Beginning Hit Man's Guide to Tools of the Trade9320Miscellaneous Articles
Jim ConoverThe Scalf and Ramsey Saw9322112Saws
Dick DickersonTwo Makers, One Plane9329Planes
Kathleen HolmesCollecting Gavels9329Auxiliary Articles
Clifford D. FalesSpiral Screwdrivers of the S. F. Bowser Company and the Universal Tool Company946Pliers,Wrenches, Screwdrivers
Bill CarterA Foot-Powered Cigar Making Machine9410Miscellaneous Articles
Eric M. PetersonMore on the "Hit Man's" Tools of the Trade9415Miscellaneous Articles
Bill EvistonAn Unusual Bevel and Marking Gauge9415Tools, Miscellaneous
Kenneth E. TurnerAt the Saw & Bag of Nails The taditional Art of Signboards is Disappearing Today9416Miscellaneous Articles
John WellsDavid Stanley's 33rd International Auction958Auction Reports
Janet WellsMusical Instrument Makers' Planes9510My Favorite Tool
Tom LamondLooking For Toolmakers of Yesteryear Notes on Research City, Business, State & Trade Directories9512Miscellaneous Articles
Bob NelsonThe Klinglesmith/Farner Bevel9516Patents
Tom LamondRecent Updates for the Naming and Datings of Spokeshaves9518Spokeshaves
Steve JohnsonThe Thomas Falconer Plough Plane9614Planes
Kenneth E. TurnerSeparated at Birth? Tools Look Quite Similar9617Miscellaneous Articles
Erv Schaffer, C. Scott DoobieDisston Made Commemorative WWI Handsaw96188Saws
Jay RickettsA Rip Saw for the Woodwright (Roy Underhill)9621Saws
Eric M. PetersonSheffieldType Braces Made in Germany978Braces & Bitstocks
Eric M. PetersonNomenclature and the Anatomy of Wooden Braces9712112Braces & Bitstocks
Roger K. SmithSome New England Tool Makers9714Manufacturers
Paul Van PernisLeonard Bailey9719Planes, Bailey
Hunter PilkintonWhat About Your Collection?9724113Miscellaneous Articles
John WellsLeonard Bailey's No. 9 Block (Miter) Plane9812Planes, Bailey
Tom LamondSpokeshave... Washtringue... Schabhobel... Schiefhobel... Spaahshaaf?9816Spokeshaves
Tom LamondSome Basic Copyright Information -- and an Invitation to Write9820Miscellaneous Articles
George WanamakerA Fibre Board Plane with an Unusual Cutter9910Planes, Stanley
George WanamakerCadmium Used on Little Known Defiance Plane9911Planes, Stanley
Paul Van PernisNewton's Shuttle Planer Kept Cotton Industry Running9912Planes
Tom LamondDrawknives, Drawing Knives & Draw Shaves9916Tools, Miscellaneous
Eric M. PetersonSheffield Type Braces Made in Scotland9924Braces & Bitstocks
Hunter PilkintonA Short History of Metal Threads9928Miscellaneous Articles
Bill EricsonDuluth's Marshall-Wells Hardware Company10010Hardware Companies
John WellsTooling Around in England and France10014Miscellaneous Articles
Eric M. PetersonReally Old Tools: a Saw and a Seal10018Saws
Roger K. SmithNotes on New England Tool Makers - Luther G. Turner10020Axes & Hatchets
Bob NelsonWinn's Doomed Rafter Rule10022Rules, Squares & Levels
Tom LamondJennings Small Drawknives10036Tools, Miscellaneous
John WellsThe No. 60 Series of Low Angle Block Planes Made by Stanley1018Planes, Stanley
Eric M. PetersonA Surprising - and Really Old - Brace10116Braces & Bitstocks
Grace J. GossThe Kresge 5 and 10 Cent Katalog10117Miscellaneous Articles
Paul Van PernisThe Early Development of the Stanley 120 Adjustable Block Plane10118Planes, Stanley
David E. HeckelInstruction Sheets and Booklets for the Stanley #45 Combination Plane10122Planes, Stanley
Paul HamlerMissing in Action: The Mosley Plow Plane10212Planes
Tom LamondThe Swastika's Other Life10214Miscellaneous Articles
Alan P. MarcoJoseph Holden's Saw: American Ingenuity at Work1021610Saws
Paul Van PernisE. Garnich & Sons Hardware and the 'Diamond G' Logo10220Manufacturers
Bob ElginThe Art of Carving Wooden Dough Bowls with Old Tools10224Woodworking, misc.
Frank KozmerlHow to sell Atkins Hand, Rip and Panel Saws10233Saws
Tom LamondMarkings Used on Tools and Implements... Eagles1036Miscellaneous Articles
Richard ChapmanThe Steenland Tool Chest10310Tools, Miscellaneous
John WellsYork Minster, The Museum Le Secq des Tournelles in Rouen, David Stanley's 37th International Auction10316Auction Reports
Robert W. FinneganEstate Planning for Your Tool Colllection10320Miscellaneous Articles
Grace J. GossThe Tools in the Dressmaker's Shop10324Auxiliary Articles
R DrewA One of a Kind Plane - Two Tools in One10326Planes
Bill CarterHow to Demonstrate a Foot-powered Scroll Saw10333Woodworking, misc.
Gene CunninghamWoodworker Puts His Collection of Old Tools to Work10412Woodworking, misc.
Eric M. Peterson, Phil BakerHistoric Brace Headed to George Washington's Home10414Braces & Bitstocks
Michael J. HanleyMysteries of a Cornice Molding Plane10416Planes
Eric M. PetersonAn Unusual Twist-lock Wooden Brace10419Braces & Bitstocks
John Wells, Mary Lou StoverEarly Praise for the Unique Foster Turntable Plane10421Planes
Mark DeVitoWhat's the Story Behind This Stanley No. 2 Plane?10423Planes, Stanley
Phil BakerThe Story Behind the Painting10512Miscellaneous Articles
Tom LamondThe Short, Strange History of Box Scrapers10514Tools, Miscellaneous
Allan KlenmanThe History of the Witham Family of Axe Makers10518Axes & Hatchets
Laurent Jean Torno, Jr.A Unique Prototype Foster's Patent Jack Plane?10519Planes
John WellsViolin Maker's Planes by Hammacher, Schlemmer & Co.10520Planes
Mary Lou StoverBuffum Tool Co. Also Used Swastika10521Manufacturers
Eric M. Peterson, Neville M. PetersonStudying Old Tools in Europe1066Museums, Research
David E. HeckelThe Siegley No. 2 Combination Plane Type Study10612Planes
Tom LamondThese Axes were not for Chopping10618Axes & Hatchets
Randy RoederL. Garth Huxtable, Industrial Designer for Millers Falls10711Manufacturers
Paul Van Pernis, John WellsLeonard Bailey: Working in Winchester and Boston, 1855-186910716Planes, Bailey
Eric M. PetersonNorwegian Axes Were a Bear to Use10724Axes & Hatchets
Milan RamseyAn Unusual Micrometer10726Tools, Miscellaneous
Randy WinelandAre Your Tools Just Gathering Dust?10734Backtalk
Paul Van Pernis, John WellsLeonard Bailey in Boston, 1858-1863: The Years Before and During the Civil War10812Planes, Bailey
John WellsThe 20th International Antique Tool Auction, Brown Auction Services Featuring the Collection of Dr. Michael Jenkins10818Auction Reports
Eric M. PetersonWooden Cagehead Braces an Unexpected Find in Sweden10826Braces & Bitstocks
Allan KlenmanRockaway- The New Jersey Ax10827Axes & Hatchets
Paul Van Pernis, John WellsLeonard Bailey in Boston, 1863-1869: The Years After the Civil War1098Planes, Bailey
Eric M. PetersonA Set of 17th Centuary Bitstocks10916Braces & Bitstocks
Eric M. PetersonA Handmade Bloodwood Brace by Andre Milette10918Braces & Bitstocks
Scott GarrisonHow to Perform a Patent Search on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Website for Patents Predating 197610922Patents
Phil BakerMedallions: Were They Cast or Stamped?1092412Saws
Gretchen GoodellA Summer Spent in George Washington's Kitchen11013Miscellaneous Articles
George WanamakerMaster Rule Manufacturing Company11015Manufacturers
John WellsTwo World Records Set at Fall Brown Auction11022Auction Reports
David EnglundWood Planes at the Brown Auction11025Auction Reports
John WellsA Rare Plane Donated to Historic Williamsburg11026Planes
Neyland HesterA Long Journey - My Favorite Tool11027Miscellaneous Articles
John WellsIn Search of a Sandusky 2-S Block Plane11028Planes
Phil BakerDisston Saw Handles: How They Were Made and Attached1103016Saws
E.J. "Al" RenierJohn A. Engstrom, Journeyman Carpenter - The Man and His Tool Chest11110Tools, Miscellaneous
Ralph BrendlerNew Online Resource for Researching Patented Tools and Machines11115Patents
Ray FredrichA Unique Combination Tool11115Tools, Miscellaneous
Laura Woodrough SteneckPanther Saw Creator's Stick Pin a Real Gem1111617Saws
John McKiernanQuestions Remain in Iprovement in Plow Planes11119Planes
M-WTCARecord Cache of Ax Heads Unearthed In Sourthern Illinois11121Museums, Research
Vince BarabbaD.R. Barton - A Significant Manufacturer of Plow Planes11122Planes
David B. CroweA Tool Legacy11125Museums, Research
John WellsThe 22nd International Antique Tool Auction in Camp Hill Features Tools from William Rigler11126Auction Reports
David EnglundWood Planes at the Brown Auction11130Auction Reports
Phil BakerMy Favorite Tool11131My Favorite Tool
K. B. JohnsA Ruling Needed11138Backtalk
Tom LamondThe American Indian As Represented and Depicted in Markings Used on Tools and Implements11212Tools, Miscellaneous
Ed HobbsPlenty to Think About in Response to Member Survey11217Miscellaneous Articles
Alan P. MarcoOn the Origins of the Pocket Level11218Rules, Squares & Levels
John WellsThe Search for Precision, and Ironbridge: Symbols of a New Technology11222Tools, Miscellaneous
Eric M. PetersonThe Boring tools of the Mastermyr Find11226Augers & Bits
Dana Martin BatoryA Gem of a Parks11228Patents
M-WTCASome Thoughts About M-WTCA From a New Attendee11238Backtalk
Ron PearsonTwo Unusual Plumb Bobs With Internal Storage Reels1138Tools, Miscellaneous
Gary LehmannHas Anyone Seen a Shoe Peg Plane Lately?11310Planes
Mel RingA Little Bite of Thumbscrew11311Tools, Miscellaneous
Randall HarrisA Study on Bailey and Stanley No. 1 Size Planes11312Planes, Bailey
Allan KlenmanThe Brooks Edge Tool Company11316Manufacturers
Randy RoederGunn, Amidon and Millers Falls Manufacturing11318Manufacturers
Ray FredrichProgression in Nail Pullers11325Patents
Eric M. PetersonDrilling in Stone: A Brief History11326Miscellaneous Articles
William WarnerFake E.W. Carpenter Name Stamp Turning Up on Tools11337Planes
Phil BakerTimely Gifts from Mount Vernon11413Museums, Research
Phil BakerM-WTCA member offers lesson in the art of coopering11415Trades, Cooper Tools
John WellsThe Brown 23rd International Antique Auction11416Auction Reports
John WellsVisit Denmark's Den Gamle By And Experience Life in An 18th Century Danish Village11418Museums, Research
Tom RichardsThe Rivalry That Drove Two Austrian Tool Makers11422Manufacturers
Eric M. PetersonRata-toni and Other Norwegian Augers11428Augers & Bits
Carl BilderbackInfo Sought On Unique Disston Slater's Saw11430Saws
Randall HarrisStory on Staleny No. 1 Size Planes Was Missing a Few Photographs11431Planes, Bailey
John WellsVery Rare Portrait of J.J. Holtzapffel Sells At David Stanely's 43rd International Aucton in March11510Auction Reports
John WellsSandusky Center Wheel Sets a New World Record At the 24th Annual Antique Tool Auction11512Auction Reports
Dave FesslerWilliam Sterritt and His B. Pike & Sons Surveying Instrument11514Tools, Miscellaneous
John ShawWhat Influence Did Religious Thinking of the Period Have on This Early Planemaker's Life?11518Planes
George WanamakerA Little Known Stanley Rule Feature11520Stanley Tools
John HensonEarly European Axes: The Art of Axe Making11524Axes & Hatchets
Phil BakerTwo Pairs of Unusual Saws1153021Saws
Phil BakerThe Oldest American Saw?1153021Saws
Eric M. PetersonThey Got the Point11531Miscellaneous Articles
Phil BakerTools Sought for Mount Vernon11531Museums, Research
Larry CohenProud of One's Craft11532Miscellaneous Articles
John WellsBuilding a Replica of an 11th Century Viking Drakkar: The Dragon Ship11534Museums, Research
John WalkowiakNew Award Announced for Displays1169Miscellaneous Articles
Roger K. SmithJames H. Cook, The Tool World's Man of Mystery11614Manufacturers
John WalkowiakThe Sandusky Tool Company's 1876 Philadelphia Exhibition Centennial Plow Plane11619Planes
Tom LamondThe M-WTCA "ToolBox" Adventure Mid-West Members Share Their Knowledge11620Miscellaneous Articles
William J. BaaderThe Duncan Phyfe Chest in Miniature11621Tools, Miscellaneous
George WanamakerThe Master Rule Revisited11624Tools, Miscellaneous
Randy RoederCharles H. Amidon, A Second Look11627Manufacturers
M-WTCASupport The New M-WTCA Scholarship Program11630Miscellaneous Articles
Ed HobbsHere Are Ways You Can Promote M-WTCA11634Miscellaneous Articles
Laurent Jean Torno, Jr."Handmade" Does not Mean "Primitive"1176Braces & Bitstocks
Bob ReekThe Barn Builders11712Miscellaneous Articles
Eric M. PetersonOur Infallible Tool11714Museums, Research
Charlie WrightEnglish plow plane11719My Favorite Tool
O. M. RamseyBurkette Lath11722Miscellaneous Articles
John WellsA Sandusky Center Wheel Plow Crashes throught the Six Figure Barrier11812Auction Reports
John WellsTubman plane11817My Favorite Tool
Phil BakerAn Unusual Backsaw1181822Saws
Jim BairdHow to Fit a Rip Saw (poem)11819Saws
Tom LamondIdentifying Wooden Spokeshaves, Shoe Shaves and Heel Shaves11827Spokeshaves
Charles HegedusStanley Pocket Level Type Study1194Stanley Tools
John Wells, Paul Van PernisBailey, Woods & Co. : Who was the mysterious Mr. Woods?1198Manufacturers
Tom LamondWhen Does a Nib Become a Nub?11912Saws
Gale GarrettTool Anecdote11919Tools, Miscellaneous
Phil BakerThe 19th Century American Backsaw1192423Saws
John WellsThe Stanley No. 97 Edge Plane11930Planes, Stanley
Tom LamondMedals and Awards of Recognition12018Miscellaneous Articles
John WellsPiper, Dorn, and Holley were the talk of the Show at Brown's 26th12026Auction Reports
David ChristenMy Favorite Tool12030My Favorite Tool
Gary KaneMore on the Tubman Plane12031Planes
Lark JohnsonMore on the "NIB or NUB"12045Saws
Charles G. WirtensonThe Stanley No. 64 Butcher Block Plane1216Planes, Stanley
Roger K. SmithNotes on New England Tool Makers1218Manufacturers
David McDonaldWinchester "Old Trusty" Handsaw12110My Favorite Tool
Phil BakerOh! If a Saw Could Talk1211128Saws
Bill CarterIntroducing antique tools to young children, yet another way to enjoy your antique tool collection.12112Miscellaneous Articles
John F. DeLayMy Kingdom for a Plane12113Planes
Jim GehringOrigins of the Spirit Level12114Rules, Squares & Levels
Dick DickersonStar Tool Company Marking Gages12122Tools, Miscellaneous
Tom LamondEarly Winchester Markings12210Manufacturers
Gretchen GoodellA Pair of Shears for Mount Vernon's Gardener12213Household Tools, Gadgets
Paul Van PernisStanley Rule & Level Company Early Dado Planes12218Planes, Stanley
John WellsA New Star at Brown's 27th Auction12226Auction Reports
Phil BakerThe Backsaw Blade: Tapered & Parallel1223029Saws
John RumpfDesign Changes of the Siegley Lateral Adjustable Bench Plane12231Planes
John Wells, Charles G. WirtensonThe Stanley No. 72 & 72 1/2 Chamfer Plane12312Planes, Stanley
Phil Baker, David E. HeckelThomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest12316Museums, Research
Jack DevittThe Ohio Tool Co.12318Manufacturers
Tom LamondThe Collins Company A bit of History and Some Marking Information12326Manufacturers
Robert RauhauserPennsylania Grain Reaping Sickles12330Tools, Miscellaneous
Phil BakerThe Henry Disston Fullback1233430Saws
Phil BakerA Johnstone Saw1233430Saws
Dick DickersonI.K. Penfield & Son, Edge Toolmakers, Middletown, CT12335Manufacturers
John WellsWho Made the Miller's 1872 Patent No. 50 Plow Plane?12336Planes, Stanley
John WellsEarly Models of the Stanley No. 120 Adjustable Block Plane 1876 - 197412414Planes, Stanley
Ray FredrichJust Another Nail Puller12421Tools, Miscellaneous
Tom LamondBeatty, an Important Name on Edge Tools and Axes12424Tools, Miscellaneous
Randy RoederSetting the Record Straight: The Buck Rogers Planes12427Manufacturers
Henry Caudle, Herbert CaudlePostcard from the 1907 Exposition, Celebrating the 300th Anniversary of Jamestown12428Miscellaneous Articles
Judy GambrelWorld War I Posters12435Auxiliary Articles
Larry Cohen, Miriam CohenA French Tool Show12437Miscellaneous Articles
Charles G. WirtensonOne Approach to Developing a Type Study1258Miscellaneous Articles
Phil BakerRoe's Patent June 25, 1867125931Saws
David E. HeckelThe Fales Patent Variable Bench Plane12510Planes
Clarence BlanchardD'Elia Antique Tool Museum12520Museums, Research
Laurent Jean Torno, Jr.Christmas Havoc12525Miscellaneous Articles
John WellsBraces from Ronald Pearson's Collection are Featured in the Nashua Auction12526Auction Reports
Reagan M. FurrowFrom Horses to Horsepower: Examining Mount Vernon's Stable & Coach House1268Museums, Research
Virginia PyronTo Raise Children's Confidence, Teach Them to Make Something Useful12610Miscellaneous Articles
Phil Baker, Jack SciaraReturn to Poplar Forest12611Museums, Research
David E. HeckelCollection Spotlight (David McDonald)12612Miscellaneous Articles
David E. HeckelA Visit to the American Precision Museum12614Museums, Research
John WellsMarks' Patent Block Planes with Tail Handles12615Planes
John WellsUpdate for the Stanely No. 120 Block Plane Type Study12618Planes, Stanley
John WellsGreat Tools from Great Collections: Brown 29th Auction12622Auction Reports
Charles G. Wirtenson, John WellsThe Stanley No. 164 Low Angle Block Plane12626Planes, Stanley
Randy RoederQuimby S. Backus: Part 112710Biographies
Jim PreusserThe Challenge Plane12715Planes
Kerry McCallaMolding Plane for the Gunsmith's shop12723Planes
David E. HeckelCollection Spotlight (Mike Urness)12724Miscellaneous Articles
Phil BakerJackson Back Saws - American1272632Saws
John WellsThe Rarest of the Rare at Brown's 30th12732Auction Reports
Charles G. WirtensonEbony Cotton Staple Rule12736Rules, Squares & Levels
M-WTCACorrection to The Stanley No. 164 Low Angle Block Plane12736Planes, Stanley
John WellsThe Hazard Knowles Block Plane12812Planes
Brian WillieSiegley Iron Bench Planes Type Study12814Planes
Randy RoederQuimby S. Backus: Part 212824Biographies
David E. HeckelCollection Spotlight (Cecil Holmes)12828Miscellaneous Articles
Henry CaudleUnusual Jackson Gorham #37 Hand Saw1283034Saws
Mike UrnessKansas Patented Plain Oiler Discovered in Oklahoma12832Planes
Carl BilderbackSaw Etchings1283335Saws
Thomas N. KluwinTalking about Tools and Trades: Woodworking as a Metaphor for Teaching12834Manufacturers
Jean RoyalPabst Mansion Tour in Milwaukess12837Auxiliary Articles
Phil BakerParts Left Overs1284036Saws
Phil BakerThis may be the First Popular Meat Saw1284036Saws
David E. HeckelA Hands On and Social Hobby1298Miscellaneous Articles
Saunders NorvellForty Years of Hardware1299Miscellaneous Articles
John WellsThe Elusive Stanley No. 11 Bullnose Rabbet Plane12910Planes, Stanley
David E. HeckelThe Howkins Plane12914Planes
David E. HeckelCollection Spotlight (Joel and Sharon Hodapp)12914Miscellaneous Articles
Mike UrnessSmith Jointer Gauge12922Planes
M-WTCAStanley Christmas Tools (Ads)12930Miscellaneous Articles
Phil BakerMy First Convertible1293537Saws
Jim GoodsonIn Der Huhle Staubt's (In the Mill's Dust)1308Tools, Miscellaneous
John WalkowiakThe Marketing of George Washington130938Saws
Nicole BorkovetzViewpoints from National Meetings13010Miscellaneous Articles
Phil BakerUpdate on Disston Halfback Saws1301439Saws
Tom LamondInitials Used for Tool Markings13018Miscellaneous Articles
Mike UrnessRinehart Museum Auction Yields Patented Saw from Alton Illinois1302041Auction Reports
John WellsRoger Smith's Super Collection of Stanley Planes sold in Harrisburg13024Auction Reports
Bob RogerWhen & How to Dispose of Your Collection13028Miscellaneous Articles
David E. HeckelCollection Spotlight (Kerry McCalla)13032Miscellaneous Articles
Bob RogerLest We Forget13034Miscellaneous Articles
Bob RogerTool Family Trees13034Miscellaneous Articles
Bill KolmM-WTCA is 4013113Miscellaneous Articles
Chris BergerDarley's Barn 2008 Meet to be the Last13114Miscellaneous Articles
Paul Van PernisJustus Traut and Patent #710,54213116Patents
Tom LamondEdge Tools Marked With the Name Blood13119Manufacturers
David E. HeckelCollection Spotlight (John & Janet Wells)13128Miscellaneous Articles
John WellsAn Auction for Patented Metallic and Transitional Planes13130Auction Reports
Wolfgang RueckerA Pictorial History of Plumb Bobs in Use13136Plumb Bobs
Charles G. WirtensonThe Stanley Model Shop1328Manufacturers
Gary KaneJohn C. Pritzlaff Hardware Company13214Hardware Companies
Bill KolmLooking Back13217Miscellaneous Articles
Bob RogerLeft Handed Tools13218Tools, Miscellaneous
Tom LamondLeaving Their Marks in Many Ways and Places... The CCC and the WPA13223Miscellaneous Articles
Bill KolmThe Evolution of a Saw1322542Saws
Tom BeavinKeeping Track of Your Tools (using wikicatalog.org)13228Internet
Randy RoederLeander W. Langdon13232Biographies
Bob RogerMore on Floor Board Gauges13237Tools, Miscellaneous
Dick DickersonTool Makers of Middleton, CT13238Tools, Miscellaneous
David E. HeckelCollection Spotlight (Dave Fessler)13246Miscellaneous Articles
Phil BakerPreservation & Education Conducts Tool Workshop at Mount Vernon1334Museums, Research
Everett A. SheffieldA Stanley No. 78/78W Rabbbet Plane Type Study - Part 11338Planes, Stanley
Bob RogerBut was that patent ever manufactured?13316Patents
Jim GoodsonThe Christmas Eve Plane13317Planes
Nelson Denny, Mike UrnessThe Plumb Bobs of Paul Gustave Leistner and Joseph Oscar Heimbach13318Plumb Bobs
Bill KolmMidwest Tool Collectors Association's Beginning Years13322Miscellaneous Articles
Phil BakerHenry Disston and the Ergonomic Backsaw1332643Saws
David E. HeckelCollection Spotlight (Joe Taylor)13330Miscellaneous Articles
Bob RogerFloor Board Gauges- An Answer13332Miscellaneous Articles
Nicole BorkovetzThe Value of a Past Time13333Miscellaneous Articles
Tom LamondInitials Used for Tool Markings13334Tools, Miscellaneous
Carl BilderbackRestoring a Woodrough and McParlin No. 12 Panther Saw1333646Saws
Henry CaudleMackerel Plows13337Tools, Miscellaneous
Judi HeckelErie Maritime Museum Homeport U.S. Brig Niagara13339Auxiliary Articles
Bob OlesenHeritage Canyon, Lost in the 1800s1348Museums, Research
Nelson Denny, Mike UrnessThe Plumb Bobs of Paul Gustave Leistner and Joseph Oscar Heimbach Part 213416Plumb Bobs
Phil BakerNickel Plated Backsaws??1342247Saws
David E. HeckelSargent & Company Military Marked Woodworking Planes13424Planes
John WellsAn Auction of Collectable Tools to Please Every Taste13428Auction Reports
James GoodsonYou Can't Hear It Coming if It Doesn't Make a Sound...13431Braces & Bitstocks
Tom LamondWhataya Got? Whataya Got?13432Miscellaneous Articles
Everett A. SheffieldPart 1 Stanley No. 78/78W Rabbet Plane Type Study Corrections13432Planes, Stanley
Everett A. SheffieldStanley No. 78/78W Rabbet Plane Type - Part 213436Planes, Stanley
Tom LamondThe Lincoln Axe- Some History and Information Relating to Markings and Labels13511Axes & Hatchets
Edward C. SwiftJames Killam the Plane Maker13517Planes
James GoodsonYou Can't Hear it Coming if it Doesn't Make a Sound13522Miscellaneous Articles
David E. HeckelCollection Spotlight (Gale Garrett)13524Miscellaneous Articles
John Wells, Paul Van PernisLeonard Bailey: The Years at Stanely Rule & Level Co., Part 113530Planes, Bailey
John Wells, Paul Van PernisLeonard Bailey: The Years at Stanley Rule & Level Co., Part II13613Planes, Bailey
Phil BakerGerman Steel1362348Miscellaneous Articles
Bob RogerHand-Held Lamp Wick Trimmers13626Miscellaneous Articles
Bill GambrielMystery Hammer: A Study, A Theory13634Hammers
Phil BakerUpdate On The Ergonomic Backsaw1363649Saws
David E. HeckelCollection Spotlight (Jim & Phyllis Moffet)13640Miscellaneous Articles
John Wells, Charles G. WirtensonThe Stanley No. 85 Cabinet Makers Scraper Plane: 1904 to 19351378Planes, Stanley
Jim HoslerJacob F. Bauder's Stepped Floor Board Gauge, ca 1840's13712Miscellaneous Articles
Bob RogerTool Anatomy13714Miscellaneous Articles
Bob RogerSome Things Never Change - the Trocar & Canula13717Miscellaneous Articles
Randy RoederLangdon Mitre Box Company in Northampton1371850Manufacturers
Phil BakerSaw Makers of Middleton, New York1372654Saws
John WellsA Birmingham 5 inch "T" Rabbet Plane13743Planes
Russ AllenCrogan Manufacturing13814Manufacturers
Mike StempleThe Eagle Saw Company1381859Saws
John WalkowiakA Plane, Carriages, and Automobiles13820Miscellaneous Articles
David E. HeckelCollection Spotlight (Scotty Fulton)13822Miscellaneous Articles
John WellsL. Bailey No's. 11 & 11 1/2 Victor Rabbet Planes: Original or Reproduction Parts13826Planes, Bailey
Roger K. SmithL. S. Starrett Company Trade Mark Imprints with Dating Guidelines13830Manufacturers
Roger K. SmithStarrett Tool Catalogs Numbers and Dates 1882 to 195513832Manufacturers
John Wells, Paul Van PernisLeonard Bailey: In Hartford and Woonsocket, 1875 to 1884, Part 113910Planes, Bailey
Jeff CahillLaments of a Sign-Painter and Woodworker (re-enactor) "living" in the 1880s13928Miscellaneous Articles
David E. HeckelSargent & Company #5400 Serics of Bench Planes13932Planes
Bob RogerIn Search of a One-Tine Pitchfork13934Miscellaneous Articles
John Wells, Paul Van PernisLeonard Bailey: In Hartford and Woonsocket, 1875 to 1884, Part 214010Planes, Bailey
James E. PriceNational Park Service Split & Whittle Workshop Held14026Miscellaneous Articles
Jack DevittA Defiance Machine Works Find14030Manufacturers
Phil BakerDisston Medical Amputation Saw1404261Saws
David E. HeckelCollection Spotlight (Joey Gilmore)14050Miscellaneous Articles
John Wells, Paul Van PernisLeonard Bailey: In Hartford and Woonsocket, 1875 to 1884, Part 31416Planes, Bailey
Mike StempleBack to Sing Sing1412662Saws
Jim HoslerHenry Young, Farmer and Craftsman14127Miscellaneous Articles
Bob RogerHooks, Crooks, and Snuff14128Miscellaneous Articles
Mike StempleHigh End Hardware Saw1412964Saws
Thomas WymanThe Stories that Keys Tell14130Miscellaneous Articles
Mel RingMarking Gauge Construction14134Miscellaneous Articles
Bill KolmA Brief History of Theodore Audel and Co.14137Miscellaneous Articles
Dick DickersonTool Makers of Middletown, Connecticut14138Hammers
Henry CaudleStifle Shoes14139Miscellaneous Articles
Phil BakerFor What Purpose?142564Saws
Lee KallstromNebraska Tools. A service, learning, preservation and education project14212Miscellaneous Articles
Phil BakerDisston Backsaw - Back & Handle Dating1421465Saws
Jane ButlerIce Harvesting in New England14222Miscellaneous Articles
Bob RogerTool Family Trees Answers - Knife Sharpeners14226Miscellaneous Articles
Bob RogerOne-Hand Ice Saws - Part 11431071Saws
Don StarkTwo Gunstock Plane Examples14319Planes
Mike StempleEagles and Stars1432079Saws
Randy RoederBuck Rogers Protoype Found14323Planes
Tom LamondThe Red Warrior Axe and Related Labels14328Axes & Hatchets
Dick DickersonTool Makers of Middletown, Connecticut14331Hammers
Michael J. HanleyNew Book Tells Story of Planemakers Who Served in the Revolution14332Planes
George WanamakerThey Come Out or Removable Blades14335Tools, Miscellaneous
Bob RogerOne-Hand Ice Saws - Part 21441681Saws
Mike StempleWelch & Griffiths - Boston Saw Makers1442889Saws
John WalkowiakA Missing Link in the Disston History1443490Saws
Phil BakerSaw Mystery1443791Saws
George WanamakerVictor Planes, New Information14510Planes
Bob RogerFruit Lifters14514Miscellaneous Articles
Lee KallstromTools of Madagascar14519Miscellaneous Articles
Gerry MielsThe Handy-Man's Home Kit1452393Tools, Miscellaneous
Mike StempleThe Disston Model #141454092Saws
Phil BakerRichardson Brothers Back Saw Type Study Late 1850's-18901461294Saws
David E. HeckelAn Update on the Stanley "Forty-Five" combination Plane14621Planes
John WellsAn Exciting Auction of Excptionally Rare, Quality Items14628Auction Reports
Mike StempleTips for Identifying the Age of Your Vintage Handsaw1463799Saws
James GoodsonOpening a Window on the Trades of Yesterday1478Trades, other
Ribert SauerA Previously Unrecognized Plane or Hardware Dealer14719Planes
John WellsNew York City Makers of Pianomaker's Planes: 1842-1920s: Part 114726Planes
John WellsNew York City Makers of Pianomaker's Planes: 1842-1920s: Part 214810Planes
Tom LamondWilkinson Sword Co. Axes14828Axes & Hatchets
James GoodsonOpening a Window on the Trades of Yesterday Part 214834Trades, other
Henry LokkeDemo Charge Computing Tape14853Miscellaneous Articles
Monte R. HaroldAn Uncommon Cincinnati Tool Company Spoke Pointer with a Depth Gauge Feature Broken, Repaired and then Destroyed14918Miscellaneous Articles
Tom LamondBlack Diamond Steel and Black Diamond Axes14920Axes & Hatchets
Dick DickersonThe Arnold Adjustable Try Square14925Tools, Miscellaneous
Jim AllenAn Imperfect Saw14926101Saws
John WellsIt's Unusual to Have so Many Rare Pieces in One Auction14930Auction Reports
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