Current Sample Articles

The articles in The Gristmill cover a very wide range of topics related to antique and traditional tools from collecting to using to just plain appreciating the way they look and how they work. Much of what is covered in these articles is not available from other sources.

These current sample articles are in pdf format and show just how they look in The Gristmill. We will be adding to these as new issues come out and as time permits from back issues.

  • Women Who Led Tool Manufacturers – December 2018  Women in leadership in the 19th & 20th centuries may seem a little strange in tool companies. However, Avis Van Wagenen, Sarah Rose, Adele Holman, Elizabeth Spurr, Ruth Beck, Marie-Louise Gairoard and Gertrude Goodwin were owners and managers in a time when men typically dominated leadership. Read their fascinating stories in this article!
  • The Marking Gage Collector-June 2017  Marking gages “Scratch a line parallel to the edge of a board.” With that simple description of “What they do,” you will learn about the way they were made, what they were made out of, their history, the many different configurations and designs, their manufacturers and much more.
  • Stanley Tools In Sets – Pocket Catalogs March 2017 The Stanley Rule and Level Company was a major manufacturer of hand and later power tools in addition to hardware and related items. They offered their hand tools both individually and in sets offered in cabinets and chests. To promote these products, they produced small, pocket size catalogs describing what was included.