Please Note!!!  All applicants MUST request an application form, click here, prior to submitting any application materials. Please be sure to include your mailing address in the Your Message section.

Our organization acknowledges that the most valuable “tool” any individual may ever own is the achievement of academic excellence in an institution of higher learning. In keeping with our goals of education and preservation, M-WTCA established a scholarship fund to assist individual students seeking a two or four year degree. M-WTCA will award up to six 1- year scholarships in the amount of $1500 each for the year. M-WTCA Scholarships are open to all students enrolled in a college or university offering a two or four year degree program. The scholarship committee may give preference to applicants whose stated goals and objectives support M-WTCA’s “Purpose” as stated in our By-laws which is paraphrased as follows: “To Promote the preservation and study of antique and traditional tools and the trades that used them; and to communicate this information and knowledge to the public.”

If you wish to be considered and can fulfill the stated criteria below, please contact our Scholarship Committee. Applications will be available after November 1, for the following academic year.

To qualify for and to be considered for an M-WTCA scholarship, all prospective candidates must meet the following criteria.

Applicant must have been accepted at a two year accredited college or program or a four year college.

    • Submit a letter stating the purpose for which the scholarship is needed; the reasons for requesting it; and a statement of the applicants goals and objectives as a graduate.
    • Submit at least three letters of recommendation from their high school counselor, teachers, coaches, principal or asst. principal.
    • Applicants must also submit a copy of their high school transcript indicating their cumulative grade point average and an outline of their extracurricular activities while in high school.
    • Applications are due by the 1st of April for the upcoming academic year in which they will be awarded. 
    • Scholarship applicants must contact the Scholarship Committee Chairman, click here, prior to submitting scholarship information.
    • Scholarship information will not be accepted in digital form. Any scholarship information that is submitted in digital format will be rejected.


Please note: Members and families of members of M-WTCA who are or have been officers or on the scholarship committee at any time during the preceding five years, are not eligible