Stratford Hall Workshop Build

The Mid-West members Jack Sciara and Phil Baker did most the construction of the shop in accordance with the design plan of Stratford Hall Curator Gretchen Goodell-Pendleton.  Herb and Henry Caudle, Jim DePoy, and Neil Bohnert provided their expertise in categorizing and classifying the 18th century tools utilized in the shop (and provided some heavy lifting when called upon!).  Over 100 period 18th century tools were donated by members of the Mid-West to provided the shop with a truly authentic period appearance.  It is to be noted that this shop would have been used on the plantation for repair and maintenance, not furniture construction or fine cabinetry!  The shop is open to the public and has been well received.

The completed workshop area


An all important planning session with Henry, Neil (with back to us), Gretchen, Herbert and Jim 


Jack using a hand plane to finish one of the bench legs


Phil and Jack working on the bench


Gretchen checking off progress as Jack works on finishing details of the workbench


Close up shot of the work area with tools and shaving! 


Workbench with treadle wood lathe in background

Treadle wood lathe donated by a MWTCA member.