M-WTCA Summer Intern Funding Application

Mid-West Tool Collections Association

Application for Summer Internship Funding

Mid-West Tool Collectors Association (M-WTCA) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote the preservation and study of antique and traditional tools of the trades, the shop and the farm. We study the ways that they were used and developed, and we communicate this knowledge to the general public.  Our organization is approximately 3500 members from all over the US along with some members in Canada and overseas.  We publish a quarterly magazine called “The Gristmill” and we hold two semi-annual meetings per year along with numerous area meetings.

One of the ways we encourage our goals is to sponsor summer internships at historic properties and museums.  This application is for historic properties and museums that we might partner with to advance the purposes of both organizations. It is not for individuals who are interested in internships. Our grants typically range from $1,000 to $5,000. Applications are available July 1st and are due by September 1st where they will be evaluated. The winners will be notified in mid to late October after our fall, semi-annual meeting.

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  1. Please provide the mission and a brief history of your organization.



  1. Please provide the contact information for the supervisor for your internships as well as the contact information for the financial manager.



  1. Describe the internship and project that you plan to offer in the coming year and for which these funds would be used.



  1. How are interns selected and then how are they assigned their duties?



  1. What is the typical length of your internship?



  1. What age or education requirements do you have for applicants? Are you looking for candidates with specific majors or specific skills? Do you have relationships with specific colleges or programs from which many of your candidates come?



  1. Do the interns for this project get paid for their services? If so, how much? Do you provide housing or other benefits while they are working for you?



  1. What have you budgeted for an intern for this project/program? Are there matching funds available or are you anticipating this grant will support the full stipend? If full funding is not available would you be able to complete the program with partial funding?



  1. Will the intern have other job requirements outside of the project? If so, what are they? Will they work independently or closely with the full-time staff?  Will the intern be working directly with the public?



  1. We enjoy publishing an article by our interns in our quarterly magazine, “The Gristmill”. This allows our members to see what our interns have done and learned over the summer. These articles can either be a summary of the research or work they have accomplished or a firsthand report about the experience itself.  Would such a requirement fit within the framework of your program?



  1. Is there anything else we should know about your program?