Upcoming National Meeting Dates

Semi-Annual National Meetings Dates, Locations and Contacts

PLEASE NOTE!  In addition to becoming a member, our semi-annual meetings charge a registration fee to attend.

The fee is typically on the order of $60 for all three days. Saturday is the only day a member can register ($25) for a single day. Individuals who would like to join at the meeting can pay the $25 membership fee and receive complimentary registration for the Saturday only portion of the meeting. There is no other day in which a member can registration to attend a single day.to “shop for tools” or participate in any other activities. Attending spouses are also required to register. A badge issued at registration is required to attend all meeting activities and is strictly enforced.

Spring 2020, Jun 17-20, 2020, Green Bay, WI Larry Thorson (608) 779-0966

Fall 2020, Sep 30 – Oct 3, 2020, Sawmill Creek Resort, Huron (Sandusky), OH Larry Thorson (608) 779-0966

PLEASE NOTE!!  The fall 2020 meeting is scheduled for September 30-October 3 at the Sawmill Creek Resort Huron, Ohio. The property was recently sold to Cedar Point Entertainment who closed the property in November for major renovations. The property is scheduled to reopen this summer.   Our meeting is unaffected by the change in ownership and its currently closure. So, if your friends and colleagues advise you that the site of our 2020 fall meeting has been closed, they are correct. Not to fret, the property has assured me that they will be ready for us in September. Planning has begun so save the dates.

If you would like to demonstrate at the meeting or know someone who would please contact me.   Larry Thorson, VP, Meeting Planning

Spring 2021, June 16-19, 2021 Middleton (Madison) WI Steve McNulty and Gary Kane
Fall 2021, Oct 6-9, 2021, Holiday Inn, Bowling Green, KY Larry Thorson (608) 779-0966
Spring 2022, June 15-18, 2022 Gettysburg Eisenhower Hotel, Gettysburg, PA Rick Weymer and Don Stark
Fall 2022 (TENTATIVE), Sept 28 – Oct 1, 2022 Blue Chip Hotel, Michigan City, IN Larry Thorson (608) 779-0966