Semi-Annual Meeting Policies & Tips for Attendees

Mid-West Tool Collectors Association



The following information is provided to help make your attendance at our semi-annual meetings very enjoyable. Please take time to read this document before you complete your registration form. Any questions can be addressed to the meeting host, hostess or meeting registrar.

M-WTCA is a 501c-3 non-profit organization. One requirement of this status is that our meetings are for members only and cannot be open to the general public.

  Meeting Registration

Two alternatives are provided – a full registration and a Saturday only registration. You only need to sign up for one!

  • Full Registration includes all activities – all programs, information sessions, tailgating, the trade room, hospitality room, banquet, auction, etc. NO REDUCED RATE IS OFFERED FOR PARTIAL ATTENDANCE AT THESE MEETING ACTIVITIES.

For a spouse, significant other or child (17 or older) to take part in or attend ANY part of the meeting or tours, they must be registered. Only exception for someone not registered is that banquet attendance is allowed at the Children/guest rate as shown on the registration form. A spouse may not attend the banquet as a guest. (Banquet attendance is only possible if the banquet fee is paid by the cutoff date as a part of registration process.)

  • Saturday only registration is designed to provide members who perhaps have limited time to experience many of the regular meeting activities. You can attend the trade room, view the displays, take part in the What’s It Session and the Saturday afternoon program. This option does NOT include the banquet nor does it allow for participation in any tours or activities held earlier in the week nor can a trade or display table be requested.
  • If you are a member or a spouse of a member, you must register as a member. Members are NOT allowed to use the “Guest Badges.”
  • Registration forms RECEIVED after the cutoff date printed on the registration form will be assessed a 50% late fee. Anyone canceling before that date will have their full registration fee returned.  Any cancellation received between the cutoff date and meeting registration (Wednesday 2 PM) will receive a 50% refund unless the cancellation is due to death or hospitalization of the member or immediately family member.  No refunds for cancellations after registration starts (2 PM Wednesday).
  • All registration fees are in US dollars. Foreign members can contact the registrar with questions. A check is preferred for those registering at the meeting itself.
  • Anyone who is not a member may join at the door at the regular membership rate. To take advantage of all activities, they must pay the full registration fee, but NO late fees will be charged. In addition, if they wish to take advantage of the Saturday only option, their membership fee will be credited towards the Saturday only admission price.

• Name Tags

Name tags are required to be worn at ALL meeting functions, including the tailgate sale. Those without nametags will be asked to leave.

Revised October 14, 2015


Tips For Attendees

Tailgate Sale  Tailgating is an official part of the meeting and can only be conducted at the location and time as described in the meeting announcement.   You must be registered to participate!.  Also there is no “back up” plan should weather (rain) effectively cancel the event as the Trade Room will not be available for individuals to move their tools indoors.  Plan accordingly 

 Guest Badges

A very limited number of Guest Badges are available for guests at the discretion of the host. The guest must be accompanied by a member and remain in the trade room or tailgate area for no more than 3 hours and cannot be renewed. If the guest wishes to make a purchase, the member must make the purchase. Members, including spouses, are NOT allowed to use Guest Badges.

Programs and Informational Sessions

The trade & display room will be closed during these times. Please exit the room when instructed.

Other Items to Consider:

Getting your meeting registration in early is important. There may be limitations on the number of tour spaces and they will be allotted on a first come, first served basis. Also, don’t forget to get your hotel reservation as well. The hotels typically reserve a certain number of rooms so waiting to the last minute can result in not getting a room or possibly having to pay a higher rate.

Please consider staying at the host hotel. Since all activities are centered in and around that location, you will be “in the middle of all the action” so you don’t have to drive in and out each day. (With all that there is to see and do in the area, consider coming in early and/or staying over as the discounted room rates are typically good three days before and after the meeting.)

Tailgating usually begins at a very early hour. While this activity is typically located in a lighted parking lot, you may find it advantageous to bring a flashlight.

Because of the amount of physical space required for our meetings, there can be a lot of walking required. Consider wearing comfortable shoes and if necessary, bringing any assisting devices such as walkers or motorized chairs. In the use of motorized chairs, please be considerate of others as there are typically a lot of people in and around the various activities.

All first time members will have a green star on their name badge. Please take time to introduce yourself and make them feel welcome. The meeting hosts will have on ribbons identifying their roles. Please take time to thank them for all their work.

The Trade Room will be open at 6:30 AM Friday for those with display.  Members who have rented tables may bring their tools in no earlier than 7 AM. No tool trading is permitted until 10 AM.  Once you have brought your tools into the Trade Room you may proceed to place them on your table(s).  Once finished, you must cover your table(s) and leave the trading area until 10 AM.   Please remember to bring items to cover your table(s).   

Revised October 14, 2015