Bowling Green Fall 2021 Meeting Tours Have Been Cancelled

Tours Cancelled Bowling Green Fall 2021 Meeting

Due the inability to secure a contract for bus service, the scheduled tours for Thursday October 7 have been cancelled.   For those that have submitted their registration, refunds will be made when you pick up your registration packet.  Information on the scheduled tour sites will be available at the meeting should you want to proceed on your own to attend any or all of the venues including Riverview at Hobson, Smiths Grove shopping and the Corvette Museum.

While I had multiple quotes for coach bus service I never received a contract that I was comfortable signing.  Many bus companies have not recovered from the pandemic and associated shutdown in 2020.  Others struggle to secure bus drivers.  Typical rates for coach bus service run $750-$900.  Rates quoted ranged from $1065 (from a non-exiting company) to $3300.  Yes, there are individuals who have created “fake” bus companies on line in hopes of getting your credit card.  The local school district would not answer their phone so I wasn’t even able to get a school bus.

Sorry, but I was really left no choice but to cancel.

Larry Thorson, Meeting Host