Spring 2022 Gettysburg PA June 15 – 18, National Meeting Info & Registration Package

Please note! You MUST be a member of M-WTCA to attend this meeting.

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Trouble Making Hotel Reservations

A number of members have reported difficulty making hotel reservations at the Eisenhower Hotel with no one answering the phone.

The correct phone number is 717-334-8121.  The hotel is short on staff and this week as well as next week the hotel is fully booked with conventions adding additional demands on staff.  Please be patient and suggest you call mid-day or after 7 PM thereby avoiding times in which staff may not be available.


It appears the house is again open for tours after being closed for an extended period due to Covid.  There is no additional charge to tour the home.  Note that due to limited parking at the Eisenhower Farm we will change buses at the Battlefield Museum and travel to the Farm on their shuttle bus.

This same material was emailed to all current members that have useable email addresses on file with M-WTCA! As in the past, those that do not have useable email addresses will get this information via the US Postal Service. Email packages and hardcopy version went out in early May.

To Register, you must return the completed Registration form. Online registration is NOT provided for this meeting.

If you have questions, please contact Larry Thorson, son-of-thor@charter.net or 608779-0966