Huron OH Meeting Cancelled

Fall Meeting – Huron, Ohio Cancelled

Our host property Sawmill Creek Resort has decided to remain closed through 2020.  The property was closed for major remodeling with a planned re-open date of July 4th.  The Corvid-19 virus changed those plans.  While the meeting was still months away, contracting with another facility and reorganizing all the activities would be a challenge.  Also we would need to take into consideration the likelihood that “social distancing” could remain in effect.  How would that work needing to limit the number of individuals at trade tables, seating arrangements for programs, Welcome Reception, etc.   Also the Association stood to lose an estimated $20,000-$25,000 due to low attendance and the resulting failure to meet contracted food and room night minimums.   With the hotel effectively cancelling the meeting for Fall 2020, and for the health and safety of our members the decision has been made to cancel the meeting.

We planned to return to the area in 2023 and have engaged the property for a new contract for Fall 2023.  Stay well and we look forward to seeing all of you at our Spring 2021 meeting in Madison, WI.