Tool Meetings

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****Please Note – Area Meetings Updated April 3, 2021***

M-WTCA leadership is well aware of the need to follow guidelines on gatherings related to the Covid-19 virus. As we are all aware, things are evolving rapidly and some Area meetings have already been cancelled.  We will continue to notify those members that have email address on file with M-WTCA of cancellations as they occur and update meeting information here as it is received. In addition, meeting hosts will notify others. We recommend checking with hosts before any plans are made. Thank you for your understanding!  

Tool Meetings

A great benefit of being a member is attending our tool meetings. Our meetings are a great opportunity to meet others that share our interests, buy, sell or trade antique and traditional tools from users to collectable ones. You will see interesting displays and hear informative programs on all sorts of tools and tool related topics. There is nothing like being there to experience everything in person including the tools and the other sights and sounds of our meetings. Friendships are forged, connections are made and knowledge shared. Meetings come in two forms:

Semi-Annual National Meetings

These are three day meetings held in the Spring (early June) and in the Fall (late September or October) at locations that vary across primarily the central US. They feature a wide range of activities for both men and women and include tours of interesting places near the meeting location. In addition to being a member, a registration fee applies.  To find out more about what these meetings have to offer, please check out the links below.

Area Meetings/Local Gatherings

PLEASE NOTE!! Many of our Area Meeting announcements are being sent out via e-mail to members that have an e-mail address on file with us along with a reminder e-mail notice just before the meeting date. This helps the host(s) and allows a wider distribution.

Also, please keep your email address up to date (click here to update) and let others know that might not routinely check e-mails when you get your announcement.

These are more local or even regional in nature and are typically a day in length. They are held in many different locations as shown below. Activities include buying/selling/trading tools and in most cases, see displays and hear a program of interest. Sometimes a meal is served and there is always a lot of “tool talking” among those attending. In addition to being a member, a registration fee applies. To learn more about Area meetings, please check out the links below.