Renew Your Membership

Please use this page only if you are an existing member to renew or were a member during the previous year.

Our Membership Dues are for one calendar year – January 1st or date joined through December 31st. For those joining on or after October 1st, the first year of membership is from date joined through Dec. 31st of the following year.

Annual Dues in US Funds:

$25 for members in the USA renewing by mail or $26 via PayPal
$40 for Canada renewing by mail or $41 via PayPal
$60 for other countries renewing by mail or $61 via PayPal

**Life membership for those who have been a member for 5 consecutive years and are 18 years or older is available for a one time fee of twenty (20) times the current annual dues. To find out more, please contact the Treasurer by clicking HERE.

If you have any questions about your membership status, please contact our Administrative Assistant at

To Renew Via PayPal

To help us credit your payment properly, we will need your Full Name and your address as they appear in the renewal email or in the directory. You will be prompted to enter those on the PayPal check out screen.

You don’t need a PayPal account. You can enter your credit card information for a one time payment to us at time of checkout in PayPal. This transaction is securely protected on the PayPal site and no financial information is shared or available to M-WTCA.

Renew Membership Options
Your Name as in Directory
Your Address in Directory

Old Form

To Renew By Mail

You can complete and return your Renewal Notice that is sent out in November for the upcoming calendar year, along with your check made payable to M-WTCA. You can also renew by sending us your contact information including your Name and Address as shown in the directory along with your check payable to M-WTCA to:

PO Box 1817
Taylors, SC 29687-9998

You can also contact the Administrative Assistant at