Auto Reply to Those Renewing Your Membership in MWTCA

Please Read This Page

This is a result of your successful PayPal transaction where you Renewed your M-WTCA membership. In addition, PayPal will send you an acknowledgement of your payment.

Thank you very much for renewing your membership in M-WTCA!!

By renewing, you are helping to ensure M-WTCA can continue to provide the benefits of belonging including The Gristmill, notifications of both local (Area) and national meetings and our Member Directory at a very reasonable cost! And for those renewing at the Extra Level, another big “Thank You” as your contribution will be put to good use to further M-WTCA!

For those of you that have renewed BEFORE the annual renewal deadline of January 31, we thank you!! You are a full member for the entire calendar year and you will get all the issues of The Gristmill, (March, June, September and December) our Member Directory when it is published and you won’t miss any meeting notifications!!

If you renew AFTER the cutoff date of January 31, you will ONLY RECEIVE those issues of The Gristmill and meeting notifications that are sent AFTER your date of renewal. (If you have NOT renewed before the date the Member Directory is mailed, you will NOT receive that either.) The Gristmill is normally mailed late in the month before the issue month. This eliminates the added time and expense needed to send out any back issues.

If you have any questions, please contact our administrative assistant at

Updated 10/3/2022