Area S: Harrisonburg, VA

Harrisonburg, VA Harrisonburg, VA

4-20-24 Harrisonburg, VA For More Info Contact: Vaughn Simmons (540) 432-0617

Ares P: Oldwick, NJ

Oldwick, NJ Oldwick, NJ

4-20-24 Oldwick, NJ Cliff Nagle (908) 328-6268 "Hosted By Crafts"

Area P: Adamstown, PA

Adamstown, PA Adamstown, PA

4-21-24 Adamstown, PA Rick Weymer, (717)725-4451

Area D: Humboldt, IA,

Humboldt, IA, Humboldt, IA

5-5-24 Humboldt, IA, For More Info Contact: Rusty Farrington (712) 210-1005,

Area G: Mansfield, OH

Mansfield, OH Mansfield, OH

5-5-24 Mansfield, OH For More Info Contact: Doug Gaier (937) 570-8468 "Hosted By OTCA"

Area H: Brookline, NH and Athol, MA

5-10-24 / 5-12/24 Brookline, NH and Athol, MA Two days of tailgating and tool auctions at the Brookline (NH) Auction Center; then tailgating and exploring the museum at the Starrett Factory in Athol, MA. For More Info Contact: Patrick Leach (978)386-2436

Area O: West Seattle, WA

West Seattle, WA West Seattle, WA

5-11-24 West Seattle, WA For More Info Contact: Steve Crow (360) 866-7965 "Hosted By PNTC"

Area A: Hastings, MN

Hastings, MN Hastings, MN

5-11-24 Hastings, MN Howard Mironov (651) 698-9431

Area P: High Bridge, NJ

High Bridge, NJ High Bridge, NJ

6-2-24 High Bridge, NJ For More Info Contact: Cliff Nagle (908) 328-6268 "Hosted By Crafts"

Area P, Pittsburgh, PA (Hosted By TRTC)

Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh, PA

Settler's Cabin Park - Mocassin Shelter - June 2, 2024 Date: June 2, 2024 Time: 10 a.m. Location: Click here for map link Our next meeting will be held at the Settler's Cabin Park - Mocassin Shelter. Agenda: Show and Tell. Discuss an interesting tool. Trade and sell vintage tools 2024 membership dues. Bring along any […]