Mount Vernon


 The Ladies Auxiliary is active in M-WTCA’s Mt. Vernon Committee.  The Board of Directors created this Committee in 1992 to support the Mount Vernon Ladies Association of the Union, the guiding force in the continuing restoration and maintenance of George Washington’s home in Virginia.  M-WTCA members have donated funds for use in the needed restoration of the ceiling in the dining room of the Mansion in 1993, as well as numerous 18th century (for display and educational purposes) and usable woodworking tools (used during the reconstruction of the 16-sided barn which was dedicated in 1996).  The Ladies Auxiliary of M-WTCA has donated funds for kitchen items.  Since 1997 M-WTCA has supported an intern at Mount Vernon for a 10 week period each summer.

The Ladies Auxiliary would like to know if you have expertise or interest in 18th century trades such as candle making, weaving, lace making, music, textiles, sewing, net making, quilting, spinning, tatting, butter making, cooking, soap making or medicinal herbalist.  Our goal is to build a database of talents and knowledge concerning many different areas.

The Mount Vernon web site is at

Please contact Paula Cox if you have questions or can help!