About the M-WTCA Ladies Auxiliary

The Auxiliary was formed “way-back when” in order to give the wives of the tool collectors something to do that would stimulate interest in antiques, hand-crafts, and just plain good fun! Over the years we have found that wives of tool collectors are avid collectors themselves. Many of our members collect such items as kitchen tools, sad irons, political memorabilia, Hummels, Torquay pottery, oil cans, etc. They share these unique collections in displays for all to enjoy and to educate us. We welcome those who would like to come to a semi-annual meeting but feel they do not know anyone. It doesn’t take long to find new friends as we pride ourselves on being a friendly group!  Additional information about the Auxiliary can be found in the links below. Thinking about attending but just not sure?? Here is what was said by a first time attendee at our June, 2018 Lansing meeting.

My name is Mary Ka.  My husband Mark and I were fortunate to have attended the National Spring Meeting in Lansing MI this month.  

This was our first national meeting.  And while my husband has attended several area meetings, this was the first time I was able to come to one. 

I wanted to express to everyone involved how much I personally enjoyed the event.  I’ve been to many conferences, meetings, events, and what-nots, but have never come across a more friendly group of people.  People who were genuinely kind and wanted to share knowledge, ideas, and stories.  The Auxiliary was very generous to me and went out of their way to make me feel welcome.  Mark and I were never allowed to sit alone for long, and some of the stories we got in return!

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