The Marion Henley Award

The Marion Henley award was created in 1982 to honor those members that exemplified the characteristics of Marion. Marion was a man of common sense. Someone once described him as a gentle giant among people who knew him. It is said that he was a collector of tools and of friends. Here are the M-WTCA members that have been honored with the award to date.

1984 Ivan Risley1986 Bill Holden1986 Ray Wilson1987 Harlow Sternburg
1992 Bill Rigler1995 Mary Lou Stover1998 Mo Arnold1999 Roger Smith
2001 Ray Nissen2003 Ron Pearson2005 Phil Baker2006 Jim Mau
2011 Mel Ring2013 Dave Heckel


The Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award was established in 2009 to recognize those who have contributed significantly in terms of service to the organization. That service might include writing and research or putting on programs and demonstrations, holding offices at both the local or national levels, being involved in local or national meetings, or otherwise contributing to the tool collecting and related fields.

2011 Dave Heckel2011 John Wells2012 Lars Larson2014 Tom Lamond
2014 George Wanamaker2016 Bill Kolm2016 Ed Hobbs2017 LeRoy Witzel

Complete information and nomination procedures can be found in the directory. Any member may make a nomination.