Springfield Mo

Fall 2019

Springfield Missouri Fall 2019

922. A pencil clamp for trammels or dividers


923. A tool for marking tenons for wagon wheel spokes



924. A sewing machine hand drive crank


925. No answer yet


926. This is part of a device for locking a book


927. A clock maker’s transfer punch


928. A rasp for shaping wood


929. Ridgely’s wall paper trimmer https://patents.google.com/patent/US733511


930. A fluting iron heater

931. No answer yet


932. No answer yet


933. No answer yet


934. A mincing cleaver, patent number 80,242



935. A wire twister and tightener for use on wire fences, patent number 923,586 https://patents.google.com/patent/US923586


936. A traveler for an unknown purpose, graduated in 1/10th of an inch, 19 inches per revolution