East Peoria, IL

Spring 2019

East Peoria IL Spring 2019

903 & 905. This is a fire starter, kerosene was kept in the container. The pumice wand was soaked in the kerosene, set on fire, then placed under logs in the fireplace.


904. No answer yet



906. No answer Yet – This hammer has a Masonic symbol on it and is dated 1900


907. No answer yet


  1. A combination tool, the patent states “… for use as a clevis-fastening or for holding double-trees or neck-yokes to the tongues of vehicles, and capable of use also as a hammer, wrench, and screw-driver, thus allowing agricultural implements or vehicles to be kept in running order with economy of time and labor.”    Patent number 356,953.



909. Probably a piano tuning hammer


910. An Asian fisherman’s gaff


911. No answer yet


912. A rope tightener


913. No answer yet


914. No answer yet


  1. A detachable handle for utensils, patent number 258,591



916. No answer yet


  1. A pruning knife, patent number 568,424


918. No answer yet


  1. A fence wire tightener, patent number 409322


920. An egg grader by weight


921. No answer yet