Cedar Rapids, IA

Fall 2018

Cedar Rapids 2018 Whats Its

What’s Its from Cedar Rapids – Fall 2018

872. No answer yet


873. No answer yet


874. This is a device for making fireplace logs by pressing wet newspaper into blocks.

875. No answer yet


876. A part for a potato slicer:



877. This is a Bevil Devil for beveling, slicing, grooving, planing, and rabbeting insulation or fiber board.    



878. A jar lid reformer, patent number 846016

879. No answer yet

880. A tool for cutting a bull’s nose for ring insertion:

881. No answer yet


882. No answer yet


883. No answer yet


884. An exploding wedge for splitting wood, patent number 1,882,617:


885. No answer yet


886. This is a Bergman Tool Co. tool holder

887. A heater for a curling iron:


888. No answer yet


889. A tool for children to push food onto a spoon or fork:

890. No answer yet

891. A mold for cutting frames:


892. A disc blade sharpener:

893. A dandelion digger:


984. No answer yet

895. A scraper:


896. No answer yet

897. A tire valve remover:

898. This is a pump stroke gauge, according to the patent: “This invention relates to gauges and consists particularly in a novel device for measuring and adjusting the maximum stroke of the accelerating pump piston in internal combustion engine carburetors.” Patent number 2,207,396


899. Part of a tire vulcanizer tool:

900. No answer yet


901. No answer yet

902. No answer yet