Lansing, MI

Spring 2018

Lansing What’s Its

What’s Its From the Meeting

838. No answer yet


839. A garden seeder


840. A hog holder


841.  No answer yet


842. A marking hammer



843. No answer yet



844. Cleco pliers for working on aircraft


845. A valve lapping tool



846. This was part of a survival kit that could be assembled into a spit for roasting fish and game, a long spear, and a gaff hook. Patent number 2490583


847. No answer yet


848. A wire tightener for fences, patent number 874,934


849. A newspaper holder for use at a library


850. A garden planting tool




851. A tobacco sampler binding machine, patent number 762,491

852.  This device is a vintage microscope part.


853. The tool appears to cut a tapered end on a dowel


854. A nut cracker, patent number 417,951


855. No answer yet


856. No answer yet


857.  This tool is marked “400AD Form-a-gage” and is used in conjunction with a flaring tool to “produce double lap flares in five sizes of tubing.”


858. No answer yet


859. A latch hook rug needle


860. No answer yet 


861. These items fit onto a ruler so you can measure wood when working with a miter box


862. No answer yet  


863. A brake shoe hold down spring washer tool. Someone modified it to fit behind an axle flange that was in the way of it going straight in.  


864. No answer yet


865. A lock nut tightener


866. No answer yet 


867. A tool for use on a boat to hold the anchor rope


868. A dry fish shaver that is used by the Japanese


869. A shirt cuff holder for detachable cuffs