Memphis. TN

Fall 2017

Memphis What’s Its

What’s Its From the Meeting

818. No answer yet


819. No answer yet


820. No answer yet


821. Possibly a margin gauge to mark the center of a long piece of wood such as a mast. Having worked in a traditional boat building yard for more that 15 years we regularly used a similar tool for this purpose.


822. No answer yet


823. This tool is for measuring the compaction of soil after it has been
compacted on a job site. The test is called “Proctor compacting test,”
the weight would be dropped from a defined height a specific amount of times
(dependent on the type of soil) and then measure how far the weight penetrated the soil.


824. A plumber’s lead dresser, used to press sheet lead or lead
pipe into shape


825. A tenon maker


826. No answer yet


827. No answer yet


828. Possibly some type of scraper


829. Probably a tool or handle rest


830. No answer yet


831. Some type of band wrench or clamp


832. No answer yet, appears to be some type of puller


833. Cow tail holder for when milking


834. Square with a depth gauge


835. No answer yet


836. A cable wire stripper


837. A grease holder for use on skillets, patent number 968,968, for more information on this
tool see Bob Roger’s “Lest We Forget” column in the June 2010 Gristmill.