Springfield, IL 

Spring 2017

Springfield IL What’s Its

Springfield, IL Spring 2017

What’s Its from the Meeting


778. Unknown


779. Unknown

780. An optical spanner wrench for adjusting a lens

781. Stove pipe crimper


782. Unknown

783. No answer yet for this device, it is a brass lined funnel with a punch that goes through the hole.


784. Unknown

785. This is the handle for item 783

786. This is a clamp for a drag saw, patent number 420,115

787. Unknown

788. For crimping wire conduit so it can be bent, as seen in the example photo

789. Hub cap wrench

790. Hammer for holding a barn pin during assembly

791. Cleaning brush for a surge milker

792. Device to remove tobacco point from wooden lath after stringing tobacco on it.

793. Tractor umbrella bracket that was hooked to the iron seat

794. Tool for getting fan belts from a high shelf

795. Unknown

796. Unknown

797. A large circular saw blade dresser

798. Survey instrument level

799. A windshield tool

800. A home made tool for taking the bolts out of an oil pan on an old Model T Ford

801. Unknown

802. A wine bottle tipper used to decant the bottle

803. Used to attach cable to a building

804. Unknown

805. A honey spoon, the slot is for hanging the spoon so the honey drips back into the jar

806. Probably a chain link opener and closer


807. Disston Cutter Grinder

Disston, saw, sharpening

808. A tool for removing the window crank handle pin on a car door

809. A cylinder bore taper gauge



810. An ice pick


811. A wallpaper perforater for use in corners

812. For measuring tapers and holes

813. Used to measure how rough the ride was in cars in the 1920s

814. For pushing the bead of a tire onto a wooden spoke wheel

815. A tool for connecting and tightening the wires of wire fences, patent number 154,024



816. Unknown

817. Newspaper holder for library rack