Louisville, KY

Fall 2016

Louisville, KY – Fall 2016

What’s Its from the Meeting

744 A paint pin striper



745 Unknown



746 Possibly a thread chaser



747 A Pivoted Jaw Tool

The object of this invention is to provide a pivoted jaw tool having a new mechanical movement for obtaining a great advantage in leverage, which movement will be very simple and positive in its action thus rendering the tool applicable for various uses such, for instance, as a nut cracker, pincers, wrench, punch, and shears or other cutting tools.”




748 A conduit crimper, for making crimps when bending conduit.



749 A circular edge jointer, used to even out the side of the teeth after sharpening on a circular saw blade.




750 A distributor adjusting tool, Patent Number 2,283,789



751 Tool was removed


752 Part of a fence stretcher,  Patent Number 2,158,128



753 Unknown



754 Unknown




755 Unknown



756 Unknown



757 A wire fence crimper




758 Unknown




759 Unknown




760 Unknown



761 Unknown




762 Unknown




763 A Vulcan military antenna mast tensioner




764 Shop made wheel dresser



765 Possibly a froe for splitting wood




766 Unknown




767 Unknown




768 A cattle stanchion holder latch




769 A handle for a tree core sampler



770 A folding candle holder for use when travelling





771 X-Ring Products made  target holders, steel backdrops, bullet catchers, gallery and outdoor exhibition equipment. This is most likely a container for the stand of a bullet catcher or target holder.



772 Unknown



773 Probably an artillery clinometer



774 A Burndy wire crimper




775 Unknown



776 Can opener



777 Some type of hack saw