Mars, PA 

Fall 2015

Mars What’s Its

What’s Its from the Meeting

698 This is part of a potato or apple slicer, the item to be sliced is held by the wire.



699 Text on it reads “The Curtis Morgan”




700 A window sash fastener, patent number 106,928






701 A wire joining tool, Patent Number 1,453,446






702 Clay pigeon thrower


703 Most likely either a fluting iron or concrete surfacing tool




704 Possibly a combination tool for sampling cheese and opening a wooden cheese box




705 Possibly a thatching needle




706 Handrail wrench


707 Appears to be some type of clamp




708 A check protector, Patent Number 690,853





709 A rug making tool for uniting strips of material, similar to patent number 1,566,330




710 War club – could be a replica




711 Unknown



712 Possibly a hide scraper or cauterizing tool



713 A grape crusher




714 A pattern maker’s surface scriber





715 An embosser for making a design on leather or paper




716 Unknown




717 Unknown



718 Unknown




719 Unknown






720 Unknown