Kingsport, TN 

Spring 2015

Kingsport What’s Its

What’s Its from the Meeting

661 This is possibly a pump log shaper that was used to shape the end of a log for coupling two of them together.




662 Most likely a specialty iron of some type, possibly for hats

Here is a link to some discussion on this item.



663 Unknown



664 A handle for lifting or carrying boxes or barrels, Patent Number 218,865






665 Unknown




666 Unknown





667 A device for planning seeds





668 A hook for fastening rope, Patent Number 371,475




669 A betel nut cutter



670 A bracket for use with a stove pipe where it goes through a ceiling or wall




671 Unknown



672 Unknown




673 A corn planter check wire anchor, this item is not complete




674 Veterinary obstetrical forceps, for facilitating the delivery of animals, patent number 551,301




675 Snow knocker



676 Unknown



677 This tool is marked Patent No. 16799, though it is not a U.S. patent number




678 Unknown



679 A gage that was designed to be attached to a rule, Patent Number 1,129,707




680 A twine cutter, Patent Number 1,454,543




681 A veterinarian’s cauterizing set



682 Nutmeg grater




683 Unknown




684 Grease gun



685 Unknown




686 A device for filing and binding papers, Patent Number 226,402




687 Probably a jeweler’s tool



688 Unknown



689 Unknown




690 A load binder for use with hay, Patent Number 839,990




691 Some type of slide hammer




692 Unknown





693 Not sure of the exact purpose of these tongs



694 A device for dressing saw teeth, Patent Number 499,625




695  A fur stretching device, Patent Number 1,879,931