Rockford, IL 

Fall 2014

Rockford What’s Its

What’s Its from the Meeting

636 A shoe stretcher



637 This tool was possibly used to flatten straw or reeds



638 A shaving horse for holding a work piece while shaving it down to the proper size, the second photo shows the stepped part that gripped the work piece




639 A plumbers contour marker adapter, Patent Number 3,000,098




640 Possibly a feather for use with a stone splitting wedge




641 A plate lifter, patent number 1,357,131




642 A plumb bob mold




643 A street car bell gong, patent number 784,382





644 A glove worker’s clamp




645 A spike puller, patent number 719,735






646 A pool cue trimmer




647 A mold for a mini ball bullet




648 No answer yet for this clamp type tool, it looks like a rope or rod could be held in the groove at the bottom.





649 A load binder for hay, patent number 839,991




650 ??





651 This tool appears to be a prototype for cutting something, the part on the end is too small to hold an egg.




652 According to the owner this could be an ink pen and a knife eraser, still looking for a reference for this answer






653 A screw driver and socket wrench tool, patent number 2,007,432




654 A tool for doing auto body work



655 An Ullmer micrometer, patent number 675,875





656 ??



657 A carpet stretcher



658 This is probably an exerciser




659 A frame for supporting dead ducks as decoys, patent number 230,600









660 ??