Columbus, OH 

Spring 2014

Columbus What’s Its

What’s Its from the Meeting

561 Unknown




562 A metal rolling device for connecting cables, Patent Number 1,896,512






563 Looks like part of it could be home made, possibly some type of lid lifter





564 A dental dam punch, Patent Number 216,992





565 A device for sealing envelopes





566 A bedstead fastener, patent number 111,528, the patent for the date stamped on it is number RE4432




567 Replaceable jaws for snap ring pliers



568 ??



569 A tool for use on disc brakes



570 A spring compressor for a flintlock gun


571 A capper/decapper reloading tool, patent number 161,682




572 ??




573 A grain scoop with a scale, patent number 2,497,271





574 A water closet flushing tool



575 ??




576 A cotton sampler or cotton gimlet



577 A door latch



578 A shield for use when polishing buttons



582 Possibly a bonsai grafting froe



583 Possibly leather skiving tools



584 A hose wire tying tool



585 A sorghum cane stripper, patent number 61,940





586 ??



587 Possibly a well pipe lifter



588 A dowel cutter



589 A shoe maker’s rand file



590 Possibly a webbing stretcher




591 Brushes for cleaning a gun




592 This is a drill press quill feed pinion shaft tool, a lot of discussion on it can be found on The Patriot Woodworker web site in this link.



593 Possibly a gun burnishing tool



594 A speculum for a horse, this example is missing a few parts, patent number 548,409




595 A crimper for making bends in conduit, as seen in the example photo





596 A hog ringer, patent number 226,915




597 A fence post top



598 Possibly a seam ripper





599 A tool for harness repair



600 Possibly a soldering tool




601 A device for holding meat for a slicing machine, patent number 1,167,443






602 A hog ringer, patent number 256,713




603 A magnetic measuring gauge for measuring the thickness of a non-magnetic plating or coating, patent number 2,625,585





604 ??



605 Possibly for roasting meat over a fire







606 A wire strength tester




607 A candle holder




608 A device for testing lenses, patent number 337,333





609 A steak tenderizer, patent number 613,572





610 A trip mechanism for a hay sling



611 A tire repair tool




612 A leather trimmer





613 A shoe makers adjustable sole plane, as seen in Salaman’s Dictionary of Leather Working Tool




614 Possibly a razor blade holder



615 A leather belt punch, patent 743,335




619 Possibly some type of pin or nail puller




620 ??





621 A door handle ferrule inserter, patent number 2,229,571




622 This is a Ford Products stud finder, to use it, hold it against a wall and thump the wall with your other hand. If the balls move then it’s not on a stud, if the balls remain motionless then it’s on a stud.



624 A General Motors rear brake adjuster strut, as seen in this Mitchell service document





625 Some type of pry bar


626 A jar opener, the upper jaw should probably be flipped over so that the teeth are angled the same as the lower jaw.




627 ??



628 Combination scissors and pliers



629 Probably part of a clarinet



630 A fireplug and hose wrench, patent number 421,443

631 Possibly a wire stripper




632 ??



633 Part of a carbon arc light




634 A barley fork, patent number 97,187



635 A self locking coupling or bearing, patent number 606,778





636 Probably a camber and caster device for use on wheels, made by the Dorman Star Washer Company