Springfield, MO

Fall 2013

Springfield 2013

536 A clothes line reel, patent number 870,475



537 A cutter that uses a single edge razor, possibly for boxes, fabric, string, etc.



538 ??



539 A polarity indicator, for determining the direction of current flowing through an electrical circuit, text on it reads “Manhattan, 60-600 volts, must not be left in circuit, negative pole turns red,” patent number 802,702




540 A member identified this as an electrician’s fish tape puller, though it is called a wire gripping tool on page 15 in the “Collectors Guide for Fencing Tools”


541 Possibly a stay tool for use on wire fences, looks similar to the ones on page 106 in the “Collectors Guide for Fencing Tools”





542 Possibly for use with molten lead when making bullets




543 A Bulls Eye tire balancer/alignment device



544 Possibly a hanger from a suitcase




545 A valve spring compressor



546 A wire cutter and wire stripper


547 A throttle lever for a tractor



548 A valve spring compressor


549 A hog holder



550 We are still looking for the exact purpose of this file, the patent for the handle is number 591,913




551 This implement appears to have a whale tooth handle, the tool could be for splicing rope



552 ??



553 Possibly a holder for store advertising or hand bills




554 A nasal speculum



555 ??






556 An anti-rooting tool for use on a hog’s snout



557 An ice creeper that attaches to the heel of a shoe






558 Possibly a tool for measuring O-rings, tubes, or small belts that are used with machinery, text on it appears to read Stoco




559 A pair of Lambert Chalazion Forceps, for use by an eye doctor when removing a cyst from the eyelid.