Michigan City, IN

Spring 2013

Michigan City Whats Its

What’s Its from the Meeting

487 A device for singeing the last remaining feathers on a chicken




488 Possibly a grabber for coals, text on it reads “Pullman”



489 A tuck pointer, or mason’s beading tool




490 Probably a hoof knife




491 Unknown




492 A holder for the collapsed roof of an early convertible




493 An inclinometer



494 A hoof trimmer, patent number 511,885



495 A jar opener



496 A fish scaler



497 Wrenches for ?




498 Oyster knife?



499 This device will hold open the lid of a BBQ grill at various heights



500 A lockout tagout device



501 Possibly a thread cleaner/straightener




502 ??




503 Possibly a nut cracker




504 A wire twister for a picket fence



505 ??



506 A wrench for a threshing machine




507 ??



508 A hops sampler, they were used for taking a parcel of hops out of the bale – a square was cut with a knife, and the sampler inserted to pull out a cube of hops.



509 ??



510 Possibly a scorp or weeder




511 A buffing wheel dresser




512 A tool for repairing round belts




513 A bagueuse, a device for putting a band around a pigeon’s leg




514 Possibly for winding cord




515 A tool for repairing metal jar lids




516 An automobile brake spring tool, patent number 2,264,391



517 ??




519 A dental articulator, patent number 912,748



520 A woodworker’s bench clamp



521 Possibly an engraving tool handle



522 A lemon squeezer




524 Possibly a utility wrench




525 A surveyor’s sighting level



526 Possibly a metal nibbler





527 A Japanese hand forged laminated iron Kuwa garden hoe




528 A knot tying implement, patent number 755,110





529 Text on this tool says “CS-2 Universal,




531 Possibly an envelope opener



532 ??




533 For crimping can lids, patent number 502,339





534 A Snow and Nealley bark spud, patent number 2,693,028



535 Possibly for prying horse shoes or tack strips



536 Possibly a can piercer