Davenport, IA 

Fall 2012

Davenport What’s Its

What’s Its from the Meeting


457 An apparatus for use in repairing commutators,
Patent Number 2,170,389




458 Unknown




459 A hair straightener/curler




460 Probably a fence stretcher




461 Possibly some type of soldering tool






462 A marking gauge possibly for use with a lathe



463 A cable stripper and wire gauge





464 A Leopold saw set, Patent Number 451,494





465 A meat holding mechanism for a slicing machine, patent number 1,167,443








466 Probably back scratchers



467 Some type of wooden clip with a piece of glass, unsolved




468 ??





469 A bottle corker



470 A duster for an organ



471 Possibly tongs for coal



472 Possibly horn trainers for a steer or cow



473 A castration tool, patent number 348,044




474 A shank last for shoes, patent number 119,741




475 Probably a tube puller




476 ??



477 A skate sharpening jig, patent number 1,926,404





478 A wire brush to clean files




479 A right triangle, exact purpose unknown




480 A wagon wrench, patent number 145,710






481 Part of a scale, patent number 34,355







482 A hay fork with an attachment, home made fishing pole holder?





483 Possibly for setting the teeth on a crosscut saw



484 Scissors and tongs for ?



485 A watchmaker’s tool for removing the hands from a watch, patent number 2,271,945



486 Some type of toolbox