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The Soot Method of Copying Stamp Made Markings

E Renier

Many collectors have very successfully used the following method of reproducing marks and stamps for many years. It's value lies in it's simplicity and results.

Pass the desired mark or stamp through the flame of a candle at a level that produces a layer of soot on top of the mark. Stick a piece of Scotch tape over the sooted mark and lightly rub the tape with a finger. Remove the Scotch tape and stick it to a piece of white paper. This will produce an easily readable copy of the mark that is completely protected from either erasure or damage and which can be filed and or scanned, and stored for future reference or photocopied for mailing. The soot can be easily removed with a cloth dampened with WD-40 or alcohol. This procedure works especially well when trying to determine the mark or stamp on a poorly marked plane. After only a few tries you should be able to obtain excellent results.



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