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Gristmill Reprint Index In 2014 the annual reprint was Gristmill Published Saw Articles from 1999-2014. It was edited by Bill Kolm.
Here are the articles it contains:

Gristmill Published Saw Articles from 1999-2014 Index
PageAuthorTitleFrom Issue
8Erv Schaffer, C. Scott DoobieDisston Made Commemorative WWI Handsaw96
10Alan P. MarcoJoseph Holden's Saw: American Ingenuity at Work102
12Phil BakerMedallions: Were They Cast or Stamped?109
16Phil BakerDisston Saw Handles: How They Were Made and Attached110
17Laura Woodrough SteneckPanther Saw Creator's Stick Pin a Real Gem111
21Phil BakerTwo Pairs of Unusual Saws115
21Phil BakerThe Oldest American Saw?115
22Phil BakerAn Unusual Backsaw118
23Phil BakerThe 19th Century American Backsaw119
28Phil BakerOh! If a Saw Could Talk121
29Phil BakerThe Backsaw Blade: Tapered & Parallel122
30Phil BakerThe Henry Disston Fullback123
30Phil BakerA Johnstone Saw123
31Phil BakerRoe's Patent June 25, 1867125
32Phil BakerJackson Back Saws - American127
34Henry CaudleUnusual Jackson Gorham #37 Hand Saw128
35Carl BilderbackSaw Etchings128
36Phil BakerParts Left Overs128
36Phil BakerThis may be the First Popular Meat Saw128
37Phil BakerMy First Convertible129
38John WalkowiakThe Marketing of George Washington130
39Phil BakerUpdate on Disston Halfback Saws130
41Mike UrnessRinehart Museum Auction Yields Patented Saw from Alton Illinois130
42Bill KolmThe Evolution of a Saw132
43Phil BakerHenry Disston and the Ergonomic Backsaw133
46Carl BilderbackRestoring a Woodrough and McParlin No. 12 Panther Saw133
47Phil BakerNickel Plated Backsaws??134
48Phil BakerGerman Steel136
49Phil BakerUpdate On The Ergonomic Backsaw136
50Randy RoederLangdon Mitre Box Company in Northampton137
54Phil BakerSaw Makers of Middleton, New York137
59Mike StempleThe Eagle Saw Company138
61Phil BakerDisston Medical Amputation Saw 140
62Mike StempleBack to Sing Sing141
64Mike StempleHigh End Hardware Saw141
64Phil BakerFor What Purpose?142
65Phil BakerDisston Backsaw - Back & Handle Dating142
71Bob RogerOne-Hand Ice Saws - Part 1143
79Mike StempleEagles and Stars143
81Bob RogerOne-Hand Ice Saws - Part 2144
89Mike StempleWelch & Griffiths - Boston Saw Makers144
90John WalkowiakA Missing Link in the Disston History144
91Phil BakerSaw Mystery144
92Mike StempleThe Disston Model #14145
93Gerry MielsThe Handy-Man's Home Kit145
94Phil BakerRichardson Brothers Back Saw Type Study Late 1850's-1890146
99Mike StempleTips for Identifying the Age of Your Vintage Handsaw146
101Jim AllenAn Imperfect Saw149
103Phil BakerI. Atkins & Co. Bristol, CT Saw of an Uncommon Maker149
105Phil BakerThree Jacksons150
108Mike StempleIrenus Atkins - Early Bristol Businessman150
109Kendall BassettBassett, Jarvis & Morris New Haven, Connecticut Saw Makers151
111Mike StempleThe Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics Association152
112Mike StempleThe Friends of Phil (Baker)152
113Henry CaudleAn Unknown Saw Manufacturer Burger, Boyle & Gamble "Great Southern Saw Works" Richmond, Virginia152
115Phil BakerR. S. Pruyn of Albany, New York... was He a Saw Maker?152
117Mike StempleThe Story of the Headless Panther153
118Phil BakerWilliamson's Patent153
119Phil BakerGumming the Circular Saw153
120David La Touche#10s, #14s & Early Plated Handles; Some Uncatalogued Disston Saws154
125Phil BakerJohnson & Conaway Makers of Backsaws 1840 - 1857155
128Phil BakerSecuring Saw Handles to Blades155
129Phil BakerCheesman, James L.155
130Phil BakerBeneath the Wood155
131Henry CaudleWilliam D. Scalf and Lyde W. Ramsey Handsaw156
133Rob PaulEarly St. Catharines Saw Manufacturers156
136Phil BakerWelch & Griffiths Boston156
137Phil BakerAttaching the Handle to the Blade156
139Phil Baker#11 Disston Gauge Saw Reagan Patent Handle156
139Mike StempleThe Silent Partner156
140Phil BakerThe Unfinished Saw157
141Phil BakerR. N. Trotter, Philadelphia157
142Phil BakerMary Johnson of Boston157
142Phil BakerMichael Schwartz of Boston before Moving To Bangor Maine157
143Phil BakerA Special Blade- By Disston & Sons157
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