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Gristmill Reprint Index In 2000 the annual reprint was The Best of the Gristmill 1974-1999. It was edited by Dave Heckel.
Here are the articles it contains:

The Best of the Gristmill Index
PageAuthorTitleFrom IssueCategory
13Len BorkowskiLauber:Pattern, Handle Maker15Manufacturers
13Kenneth D. RobertsMarples Prices in US Dollars16Manufacturers
14Kenneth D. RobertsEnglish Tools in America16Tools, Miscellaneous
14Bill RiglerThanks, Ivan Welcome Gary16Miscellaneous Articles
15 M-WTCA2nd Quality - A Study of Imperfections17Miscellaneous Articles
15 M-WTCADues Increase17Miscellaneous Articles
16 M-WTCABarking Spud, A17Tools, Miscellaneous
16 M-WTCAStanley Collectors: Words of Caution18Stanley Tools
17Ian RisleyThe Fake-The Collector-The Difference19Miscellaneous Articles
17 M-WTCAWhatsits No Longer19Miscellaneous Articles
17 M-WTCAStanley in Spotlight19Miscellaneous Articles
18 M-WTCANo Reports of 9 Stanleys19Planes, Stanley
19Marion HenleyKeen Kutter and Diamond Edge Lines20Keen Kutter
19 M-WTCAStanley Champ20Miscellaneous Articles
20 M-WTCAWhatsit Watchers21Miscellaneous Articles
20 M-WTCANo. 1,00022Miscellaneous Articles
21Fred CurryA brief History of the Stanley Rule & Level Company and Stanley Tools22Stanley Tools
24Roger K. SmithOdell, Eli - Toolmaker23Biographies
24Hunter PilkintonHaving Fun On A Limited Tool Budget24Miscellaneous Articles
25Ian RisleyEarly Woodworker Used Originality25Saws
25Marion HenleyThe Book Gnome26Miscellaneous Articles
26 M-WTCATrust Equal M-WTCA26Miscellaneous Articles
25 M-WTCATool Game Mental Exercises Keep Toolers in Shape27Miscellaneous Articles
26Erv SchafferNew Yorker Granted First Saw Patent in 180827Saws
27 M-WTCAMarion Henley Obituary28Miscellaneous Articles
28Bill HoldenGreenleaf, Wm: Talented, Eccentric28Biographies
29Bill RiglerThe Tool Shed - Classified Ads28Miscellaneous Articles
29Elliot M. SaywardPercept for Tool Collectors28Miscellaneous Articles
30 M-WTCAM-WTCA Establishes Henley Memorial Award30Miscellaneous Articles
30 M-WTCAScrewdriver, Spiral Olsen's patent31Tools Made in the Mid-West
30 M-WTCAArtwork of Len Borkowski31Miscellaneous Articles
31 M-WTCAFirst Scholarships Offered32Miscellaneous Articles
31 M-WTCAWomen Forming Unit32Miscellaneous Articles
31 M-WTCARemember when?32Miscellaneous Articles
31 M-WTCAMid-West Grows, and Grows, and Grows...33Miscellaneous Articles
32 M-WTCANew Gristmill Features Cited34Miscellaneous Articles
32 M-WTCANew Woman's Auxiliary Elects Slate34Miscellaneous Articles
34 M-WTCAHardware Kings (Keen Kutter)35Keen Kutter
34Robert H. Coleman112 Scraper36Stanley Tools
35Wilbur H. BrothwellHow Auger Bits Were Made Part I36Augers & Bits
38 M-WTCAM-WTCA Sears and Roebuck Blacksmith Catalog Reprint is ca. 191537Miscellaneous Articles
38Roger K. SmithE. Smith & Co., Rockford, IL38Tools Made in the Mid-West
38Larry BrundageMaking Tools in Bangor, Maine39Miscellaneous Articles
40 M-WTCAA Letter From the Editor39Backtalk
40Wilbur H. BrothwellThe Russell Jennings Manufacturing Company Inc Over A Century Of Success40Manufacturers
41Peter CullumGreenlee Bros. & Company, Rockford,Il41Tools Made in the Mid-West
42James E. PriceTool To Clean Tools, The41Tool Cleaning & Preservation
43Fred CurryAnother Rare No. 2, Too?41Planes, Stanley
43Robert NealJapanning, The Art of41Miscellaneous Articles
44John S. KebabianEaliest American Iron Axes, The42Axes & Hatchets
46Ken WassonDevelopment of the Saw42Saws
46Hunter PilkintonPuzzled: Square Holes?42Miscellaneous Articles
47George WanamakerTwo Tone Planes43Planes, Stanley
47Hunter PilkintonAnswer: Square Holes and More!43Miscellaneous Articles
48David B. CroweHitching Hammer, A43Hammers
49Peter CullumMarsh Tool Company43Tools Made in the Mid-West
49Richard DelwicheMaydole Hammer, The44Hammers
50Harley CochranEskimo Crooked Knife, The45Tools, Miscellaneous
51Peter CullumMarsh and Rockford Tool Companies, The45Tools Made in the Mid-West
53O. M. RamseyA Bowser Screwdriver46Tools Made in the Mid-West
53Clifford D. FalesThe Hedge/Clark Connection, or An Unusual Rule Joint47Rules, Squares & Levels
55Ron PearsonMiter-Plane Machine47Tools, Miscellaneous
55Jim HillThompson's Mitre Bevel Gauge47Tools, Miscellaneous
56Gerald WynnUnderhill Edge Tool Co. of Nashua, N.H. 1852-189047Axes & Hatchets
56Elliot M. SaywardWhat's in a Name48Miscellaneous Articles
57 M-WTCAWhy "Monkey" Wrench - Origin of the Term48Miscellaneous Articles
58 M-WTCALufkin Rule Company49Manufacturers
60Richard DelwicheAnsley Flex-Jaw Hammer, The49Hammers
61David E. HeckelWinchester Tools - "As Good as the Gun"51Manufacturers
62John S. KebabianRace Knife, The51Tools, Miscellaneous
64Robert S. HunterThe Lowly Plumb Bob - Ridgely52Plumb Bobs
65Jerome T. GrismerEmbossed American Axes52Axes & Hatchets
66David B. CroweHebblethwaite's Hammer, Rock falls Ill52Tools Made in the Mid-West
66Richard DelwicheAre There Really Left-Handed Monkey Wrenches52Pliers,Wrenches, Screwdrivers
67Richard DelwicheSnowball Hammers53Hammers
67Bill RiglerIntegrity53Miscellaneous Articles
68Bob HunterBelieve It... or Not53Tools Made in the Mid-West
68George WanamakerSiegley Planes54Planes
70Harlow SternbergLyctus Powder-Post Beetle, The - (Worm holes)54Woodworking, misc.
70Ralph GrahamGunter's Scale55Rules, Squares & Levels
70Fred CurryStanley Four Square Tools For Household Use56Stanley Tools
72John S. KebabianSurveying56Miscellaneous Articles
72 M-WTCAThe Wood-Saw (poem)56Miscellaneous Articles
72Roger K. SmithWilliam E. Owen Teacher & Inventor59Tools Made in the Mid-West
73William J. BaaderTelescopic Measuring Rule59Rules, Squares & Levels
74Gale ZerkleJulius Katz's Patented Plane-Stock60Tools Made in the Mid-West
75Richard DelwicheHand Wrought Hammers with Nail-Holder Groove60Tools Made in the Mid-West
76Don GoodwellCleaning and Preserving Antique Tools60Tool Cleaning & Preservation
77Mel RingJack Plane61Planes
77Ron PearsonLightning Brace, The61Braces & Bitstocks
77O. M. RamseyArch-Back froe61Tools, Miscellaneous
77Bob NelsonRe: Cleaning and Preserving Antique Tools63Backtalk
78Rodney ColeRe: Salesman Sample Level64Backtalk
79E.J. "Al" RenierThose Nordic Braces Part I65Braces & Bitstocks
79Timothy D. WilliamsA Closer Look at the Coopers65Trades, Cooper Tools
80Bill RiglerYou Don't Know Where You're Going Until You Know Where You've Been66Miscellaneous Articles
81E.J. "Al" RenierThose Nordic Braces Part II66Braces & Bitstocks
81Mel RingRE: Interesting Group66Backtalk
85Roger K. SmithLufkin Lumber Gauge66Tools Made in the Mid-West
85E.J. "Al" RenierA Jointer Made For A Tool Box66Planes
85Ron BairdMan who Made a Hammer, The (David Maydole)67Hammers
85Jim MauMan who Made a Hammer, The (David Maydole)67Hammers
85 M-WTCARecord Price Paid for Common No. 4 Smooth Plane67Planes
88Ken CopeCoes Wrench Company, The69Pliers,Wrenches, Screwdrivers
91Ron MossingYet another Rare #270Planes
92Jack BirkySimmons, Edward Campbell70Biographies
94Mel RingWhat on Earth is Provenance?71Miscellaneous Articles
95Roger K. SmithMilwaukee Foundry Supply Co.71Tools Made in the Mid-West
98David E. HeckelWinchester Tool Cabinet74My Favorite Tool
98Al Fetty135 Smooth Plane75My Favorite Tool
98Ashley KennedyFour - Square vise75Stanley Tools
98Bob ReeseAn Old Tool Chest76My Favorite Tool
99Bob HunterStanley No. 1 Plane, The77My Favorite Tool
100Roger K. SmithWashburn Company, The77Tools Made in the Mid-West
100Doug CoxBelknap Hardware, A Brief History of78Hardware Companies
100Bill McDougallTool Chest That Talked, The80Benches, Chests
101Bill RiglerWoodrough & McParlin Panther Brand81Saws
101Ron PearsonPorter Patent Brace, The Unique82Braces & Bitstocks
102Alvin SellensKeen Kutter Logo, Dating The82Keen Kutter
103Andrew E. DelansNew York's Prison Planes83Planes
105Bill EricsonMy Wife Is Finally Interested in Old Tools83Miscellaneous Articles
105Ken WassonThe Rise of the E.C. Atkins Saw Empire in Indianapolis84Manufacturers
106Paul Van PernisThe Bench Plane Used By the "Barracks Furniture Maker"85Planes
107George WanamakerVictor Planes 1103, 1104, 1105, 112086Planes
107William ThurmanBelknap's Old Pine Knot, The History of86Hardware Companies
108Janet WellsAn Unusual Axe86My Favorite Tool
108Tom LamondKnowles-type Tools: Planes, Spokeshaves, and a scraper89Spokeshaves
109John WellsStanley No. 239 and No. 239 1/2 Special Dado Plane, The89Planes
110Mike KnudsonThe Swedish-American Connection90Manufacturers
111Mary Lou StoverThe Nib: Getting at the Nub of the Matter91Saws
111Mary Lou StoverRemembering Bill Rigler - Leader, Friend, Tool Collector Extraordinary91Miscellaneous Articles
111Kerry McCallaIn Fond Remembrance of Bill Rigler91Miscellaneous Articles
112Jim ConoverThe Scalf and Ramsey Saw93Saws
112Eric M. PetersonNomenclature and the Anatomy of Wooden Braces97Braces & Bitstocks
113Hunter PilkintonWhat About Your Collection?97Miscellaneous Articles
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